The Type 26 Frigate contract will not be signed until it offers “value for money”, Defence Secretary Michael Fallon has said.

MPs heard claims the project to build eight Type 26 frigates and “at least” five Type 31 frigates on the Clyde had been delayed due to the Ministry of Defence’s attempts to save money.

Manufacturing of the Type 26s was initially expected to start in 2016, confirmation of when the work will begin has still to be announced.

SNP MP Douglas Chapman asked Mr Fallon:
“The Type 26 frigates are well behind schedule. It’s been said the Navy had ‘run out of money’ to progress these contracts. Given the perilous state of the economy as of last Friday morning, can you give us assurances that we can please, please, please run out of money for Trident as well?”

Mr Fallon replied:
“Let me just say to you that the schedule for Type 26 has not yet been set. These are ships likely to cost between half a billion and £1bn each, and I am not going to sign a contract for these ships until I am satisfied that they represent good value for our navy and good value for the taxpayer.”

It has been reported that the MoD has rejected BAE’s offer to reduce the cost of the Type 26 programme by £275 million and promise to start work on time.

The Sun and other sources recently claimed that the Ministry of Defence has “gone back” on a £11.5 billion deal for its fleet of new Type 26 warships “in order to save £225 million on the deal with BAE Systems”.

Leaked emails reportedly reveal that BAE offered to reduce the cost of the programme by £275 million and promised to start work on time.

A Government spokesperson said:

“The UK Government is committed to building ships on the Clyde and to the Type 26 programme. Over the next decade, we will spend around £8 billion on Royal Navy warships and, because Scotland voted to remain part of the UK in 2014, the Clyde will continue to be an important manufacturing base for them.”

Peter Roberts, Senior Research Fellow for Sea Power and Maritime Studies at RUSI has said that slippage in the Type 26 programme may lead to extra ships being built on the Clyde in order to retain jobs at the yards on the river.

“What it’s going to mean for the Clyde is very significant and I think we couldn’t get a national shipbuilding strategy at a more important time and it might well be that we see further OPV’s being turned out on the Clyde”

He also suggested that the Type 31 light frigate could enter build before the Type 26.

Referring to the commitment of the government to the Clyde, he said:

“There is going to be a commitment, we see that from the government, of continued shipbuilding orders.”

According to reports in the media a few months ago, union representatives were told by BAE Systems that a “worst-case scenario” of 800 redundancies was possible if the UK government pulled back from its commitment to the manufacture of frigates on the Clyde.

The defence minister has said the UK government remains “absolutely committed” to building Royal Navy frigates on the Clyde. Philip Dunne told the House of Commons “nothing had changed” since the plans were announced last November in a defence spending review.

While it’s uncertain exactly when the ships will enter build, it is certain that all of the frigates will be built on the Clyde.

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David Anthony Simpson

Too much delay adds much additional cost…. The pursuit of value for money while admirable can turn back on itself if decisive leadership is not engaged. Hmmmm

Leigh Terry

Cut HS2 then!


Just buy the Spanish F100 frigates they have more weapons then the Type 26 The Uk need ships now we have two unprotected Carriers about to come out with no support type 45 cannot go to sea due to Engines that cannot handle going to Wales Since we are a Island we need a navy and ships that can go to sea is a good start Both carriers would be sitting duck against Brahmos 190 nm range mach 2.8 someone buy some decent Ships

jon livesey

This story does not make a lot of sense as stated. The ships will cost between half a billion and a billion, a range of five hundred million each, but they are arguing over a couple of hundred million for the program.

If they can’t cost the individual ships any closer than that, they don’t have enough information to be arguing over hundreds of millions for the entire program.

Off the shelf FREMM at €670m (that’s in Euros)…… Could have been cheaper still if UK had partnered up with France and Italy to build a European Standard Frigate. MOD/Gvt = No Idea on Saving and Value for Money


No European project is cheaper and both France & Italy subsidize their shipyards so prices cannot be fairly compared. Besides the ships are not as good. Not as well protected or designed for surviving being hit.

Steve Lee

I clicked on this link on my phone and I got a pop-up telling me that I had a virus. What the hell is going on?

UK Defence Journal

Hi, I’m afraid that’s not on our end. Our ads fit specific sizes at specific locations, we don’t use pop-ups.

I’d caution against opening links through the Facebook app on mobile, I’ve had the issue before and I recommend downloading an app to scan for Malware.

Steve Lee

It’s odd that i don’t seem to get it on any other site though. Thanks anyway.

Graham Mann

Scrap Hs2 and have out Navy back problem is no crews

Shaw Durman

would it be cheaper to buy Arghley Burke eClass off the shelf? k

Jack William Millen

They’re not anti-submarine warfare ships so no


and they cost more

Andrew Perrin

dipsticks value for money is found by a proper building plan not build some then leve it 15years then start again hasent the astute and tuype45 building programes shown us our building policy is wrong, constant streem building shows we can keep numbers and costs down whilst cutting out delays and problems, seriously hasnet the last 20years shown us why we arte going wrong look at the us keeping costs down and stady building brurkes and reduceing building times its so simple no wonder the treasury government and mod miss the point

Graham Mann

Dodgy cloned chinking phone mate

David Anthony Simpson

The worrying thing is how within the article Fallon is already startng that the cost of a T26 is so where now between £500M and £1Bn. Seems that “under £300M” is a long distant memory.


Never was under 300 million. Original target was 425 million i.e. 2/3 of type 45.

Graeme Robertson

Should say that about the politicians pay , no money unless value for money

Adam Jackman

Value for money ,I just hope BAE Systems isn’t involved !!!!


No jam tomorrow!

Aaron Brown

Define VFM for a warship