Despite claims in local media to the contrary, the “unmarked” aircraft seen over Glasgow was in fact clearly marked with three words… ‘Royal Air Force’.

An article appeared in the Glasgow Evening Times with the headline ‘Mysterious military plane spotted over Glasgow during coronavirus lockdown‘.

The article claims:

“The unmarked grey aircraft was seen over Glasgow Airport and in various locations around the city”.

Well, we spoke to an aviation expert that assured us that in order for the aircraft to get to Glasgow Airport it had to in fact fly over parts of Glasgow. Oh, and the aircraft was emblazoned with its registration and three words in massive black text, ‘Royal Air Force‘.

The article headline also claims the aircraft was “mysterious”. In fact, the Royal Air Force had previously tweeted it’s specific purpose, type and location multiple times in advance of the flight.

“This afternoon, our A400M aircraft will be operating in the vicinity of Newcastle, Glasgow and Waddington, whilst engaged in essential training These are necessary, routine, flights and not connected with RAF support to the UK’s fight against Coronavirus.”

So there we have it, despite provocative headlines to the contrary, the aircraft that was conducting training in and around Glasgow Airport was not “mysterious”, “unmarked” or anything at all to do with the “Coronavirus lockdown”.

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Mark B

Whatever next – the taxes of the good the people Glasgow are being spent on military aircraft which actually fly around Glasgow. They are not just protecting England!

Something is wrong it doesn’t fit with the SNP brainwashing!


Like Sturgeon putting it in the public domain the question of whether PPE was being redirected to English hospitals even without a shred of evidence it’s a whole network of lazy reporting that gives the underlying message that there is some conspiracy taking place or he’d tested by a devious UK Govt. too much or too little of whatever subject of the day, it will always leave open the question of deviousness taking place that over time moves perception n the directon those perpetuating require. When Independence cones I suspect there’s going to be some serious stoked animosity taking place… Read more »


Independence must now be under a cloud, whether the SNP likes it or not. Affordability is the question and a more imminent issue of Scottish solvency, must be on the minds of the Scottish people? Without the added burden of Brexit, the COVID-19 could bring the economies of both Scotland and Wales under extreme stress the longer the lockdown continues. Both these countries are heavily dependant on tourism, and that has virtually flatlined in 2020. England will be hit very hard too, but if it catches a cold, the ramifications on the aforementioned are very concerning. I would guess that… Read more »

Geoffrey Roach

Did the nasty grey mystery have a large pink elephant in the cockpit? The newspaper in question are asking for people to subscribe!1

Nick C

It seems the standard of journalism in Scotland is low and continuing on its downward trajectory.


Same everywhere not just Scotland….

HMS Monarch

Can we just make a separate website section for idiot Scottish journalists already

Nicola Johnson

How do you know they were Scottish. Instant racism eh? Disgusting.

HMS Monarch

Local media in Glasgow


I saw a USAF C17 overfly my town yesterday, but then I live in New Jersey and it was probably on its way to Lakehurst where it is based. Memorable only as my wife said “that’s a strange plane, look”

Aethelstan the curious

Perhaps it was wearing a giant scarf around its nose to obscure it’s identity and keep Nicola happy.


Ohh “odd speculation in the media!” And! why is this even a story!


Thank you George. It needed to be highlighted as there is “form” in disingenuous comments coming out of certain parts of the UK!

Jason Holmes

I saw am MV-22 Osprey over my home, the USAF are planning to invade! runnnnnn…oh hang on its from RAF Mildenhall….silly me


There is always a pair of osprey heading north between 20-2200hrs, always thought it was some relay of operational aircraft back to the US for servicing. But maybe they were just flying over Glasgow to spook them into nationalism?

Peter Crisp

I know there are places where secret planes and stuff can fly but even with things are now wouldn’t it be really dangerous to fly an unmarked mystery plane full of the Illuminati?
Glasgow is not the first place I’d expect to see the world’s secret leaders have meetings with our alien overlords but I suppose that’s the point if they are.

Douglas Newell

The media keep showing themselves to be total pillocks when it comes to military matters. Probably some AUOB nationalist eejit is the source to this.

Douglas Newell

Living close to Prestwick I see a lot of mysterious grey military planes in the sky from all over the world, and I don’t pee my pants every time I see one.


Whatever next – the taxes of the good the people Glasgow are being spent on military aircraft which actually fly around Glasgow. They are not just protecting England!

Something is wrong it doesn’t fit with the SNP brainwashing! 


Does make you wonder what’s so essential about going to Newcastle and Glasgow. Probably delivering the warp drive and phasers for the Tempest programme.

Darren Hall

No one is supposed to know the Americans are helping us with that…


I watched this yesterday, knew what it was & wasn’t in the slightest concerned :P. In the last 2 years (but especially since recent changes) the Evening Times has noticeably declined from an already low standard of journalism (not to mention their grammar). I do get the feeling that the RAF is enjoying not having to fit in with lots of commercial traffic & is practising more in some areas than it normally would in usual times. Apparently not just the RAF either – I read that an USAF KC-10 Extender requested an unusual departure & flew low over Manhattan… Read more »

Barry Larking

Good. Our plan is working ….

Daniele Mandelli

Did they do a touch and go at these locations or just low flying?


Perhaps as we are in “Peacetime”, the RAF could display some large good old fashioned Red, White and Blue roundels to avoid these kind of non incidents going forward. Also would be a nice bit of nostalgia for those of us who remember front line aircraft emblazoned with those iconic symbols-like the silver Lightnings for example. I can see the rationale but the low viz ones are a little insipid….

Matt C

Military equipment is ever-more complex and wars ever-more “come as you are” than before; one can’t rely on having the luxury of time to slap on a coat of Dulux before the shooting starts. Special peacetime paint for F-35s, yes that’s what we should spend the defence budget on, to satisfy the traitorous bottom-feeders masquerading as the fourth estate who won’t give a damn anyway about publishing libel thinly-disguised as drivel.

Daniele Mandelli

Happy Birthday Tom Moore.

Even he I think made a reference to government cuts just after the fly past, mentioning what the RAF do despite finances. He muddled his words a bit though but I think that’s what he meant.


True Brit hero Daniele!

Daniele Mandelli

Morning geoff. I was up early to see the coverage and was wondering why they made the poor bloke get up so early, maybe for the sake of national TV timings? I’d have thought mid day would have been more appropriate!

Yes, he mumbled at the wrong moment but I’m sure that was a veiled attack on HMG! Good show!

I think most of a certain age appreciate the value of a strong military.


Morning Daniele. Have not seen it yet but I am sure a good moment amid all the gloom. Pleasant day in Durbs 26 deg with a fresh breeze. Union Jack fluttering nicely next to the SA Flag outside our offices. Cheers

Daniele Mandelli

Rain and cloud in Surrey with an occasional bit of sun before it vanishes. Rain in the air.

Take care my friend.


You too Daniele


The rationale for the early flypast was to prevent a build up of a crowd coming to see Col Tom and the aircraft.

Daniele Mandelli

Right. Thanks HF.

Chris J

“Some people claimed to have seen several planes taking off from Glasgow Airport.”

Aircraft taking off from an airport? Whatever next?


Sneaky devils, eh ?

Darren Hall

The article claims:
“The unmarked grey aircraft was seen over Glasgow Airport and in various locations around the city”.

What??, Had a selfie with the TARDIS police box??
Popped into Ibrox for a ”wee kick aboot”
Went to the Tall ship museum to see how things were done back in the day!!!

Dear ” Jurnos”
Please check what you write!
Not only for the truth, but also because you look like complete spanners when you get it wrong…

Christopher Allen

Surprised there hasn’t been any accusations of it being there to take equipment back to England. Maybe the nationalists caught the CV.

Ragu Denso indicates that many airfields are being overflown or landed on eg Gatwick last week where a Globmaster 3 landed and quickly took off. The majority of places are where troops will be required to maintain order when the food/unemployment riots start following the virus and Brexit combined events.