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Do British fighter jets ‘protect’ Irish airspace? No

The UK, on occasion, scrambles jets to intercept unresponsive aircraft in Irish-controlled airspace but make no mistake, the UK is not protecting Irish airspace.

Scottish shipyards planning to build 24 warships by 2035

The total number of warships being built in Scottish shipyards between 2015 to 2035 now stands at 24, with many of those ships now being built and some already in service.

Shipbuilding misinformation continues to spread in Scotland

It has been incorrectly claimed that that number of warships to be built in Scotland reduced to eight ships.

Newspaper inexplicably claims P-8 Poseidon behind sonic boom

The Daily Record has oddly claimed an 'anti-submarine plane taking off' caused a 'sonic boom felt across UK', the only trouble? The aircraft is a converted airliner unable to travel at the speed of sound.

Scottish yards to build 24 warships between 2015-2035

In addition to the now built 5 Offshore Patrol Vessels, there are plans for 8 Type 26 Frigates, 5 Type 31 Frigates, 5 Type 32 Frigates and 1 Ukrainian warship to be built in Scotland.

Indian news shares video of Wales claiming it is Afghanistan

An Indian news channel has broadcast a clip of an American F-15 flying in Wales and claimed it is proof of a "full fledged Pakistani invasion" of Afghanistan.

How many frigates are being built in Scotland?

Shipyards in Scotland will build 8 Type 26 Frigates, 5 Type 31 Frigates and potentially an unspecified number of Type 32 Frigates.

Outrage over ‘frigates being built in France’ goes viral

British frigates are not being built in France.

No, orders for Scottish shipyards haven’t gone overseas

The five Type 31 Frigates on order are being built at Rosyth in Scotland.

How many frigates is Scotland building?

Scotland is building 8 Type 26 Frigates and 5 Type 31 Frigates.



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