We recently reported that the Red Arrows plan to cut displays at Farnborough due to safety regulations, the RAF have responded.

It is understood that only straight and level flypasts are permitted, meaning that the Red Arrows will not be able to perform complex displays.

The new regulations include stricter checks on pilots, better training for organisers and a sharp increase in CAA inspection fees. In some cases they will go from £2,695 to over £20,000.

Over half of the air shows scheduled to take place in Britain this year may be cancelled, in most cases permanently some outlets are claiming, after strict new rules introduced in the wake of the Shoreham disaster begin to bite.

The new provisional rules are published in a document on the CAA website which also warns of further changes later in the year.

An RAF spokesperson said:

“The Red Arrows will be flying at the Farnborough International Airshow and engaging with both adults and young people on all three days that are open to the general public.

However, the high speed and dynamic nature of the traditional Red Arrows’ display is no longer appropriate due to the large amounts of local housing, business areas and major transport links underneath the planned display area.

In addition to the Red Arrows flypast with the new F35 Lightning II aircraft on 11 July, further Red Arrows flypasts in different formations are now planned for 15, 16 and 17 July. These additional flypasts, together with more exciting opportunities for the public to engage with the Red Arrows team on the ground, and other RAF air and ground displays, will ensure the Airshow remains a truly exciting, inspirational and entertaining family event.

For the remainder of the display season the Red Arrows are looking forward to displaying as usual at multiple events all over the UK and abroad.”

A campaign on Facebook has been started to push back against the more stringent CAA rules.

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Gary Mitchell

As much as I’d enjoy ‘exciting opportunities to engage with the red arrows on the ground’, it’s the excitement of watching their displays in the sky that I really want.

“Hi, so you’re with the Red Arrows?”
Yeah it’s ace. We do cool trucks and all that jazz. You should look us up on YouTube.
“What an exciting opportunity to engage with you on the ground!”

Gary Mitchell


Toby Noskwith

The Committee Against Aviation, was it?

What Gary said vvv

Adrian Bennett

I’ve meet Mike ling last year and will meet him again this year got to say I’m more excited to meet him again you really feel part of it after meeting him

David Bray

Deliberately non-inflammatory which is what you would expect from the Reds and the RAF. It still stinks I’m afraid.

Andy Berry

Is there really a future for the red arrows? If they can only do fly pasts, who will pay to see that? I get the why in regards to the new restrictions, but just thinking out loud after a long day…thoughts?


And another fine tradition bites the dust thanks to stupid reactionary rule making!

Jake Cornier

Surely these are British RAF fighter pilots when not with the red arrows? Very embarrassing not trusting a trained fighter pilot to carry out there complete display. Quite happily to send them into a war zone in a dogfight though!

Jack William Millen

Does this mean they’ll finally stop flying over crowds?

Christopher Wood

They should not bow to the PC Health and Safety CCA. This is another step backwards into the insipid and stupifying dullness of Communism.

David Heard

Perhaps, in light of everything, Farnborough should be moved to a more suitable venue?? The British aviation industry needs to be able to show case its products in the best possible way and not be further handicapped by red tape! Could you imagine this happening in the US, Russia, China or Paris??