Typhoon aircraft from the Royal Air Force based in Romania have been testing the air defence capabilities of HMS Duncan over the Black Sea.

The Type 45 Destroyer is leading the Standing NATO Maritime Group 2 in the Black Sea.

The Four Typhoons from 3(F) Squadron were tasked to test the capability of HMS Duncan in controlling air defence and anti-surface warfare. During the exercise the ship’s crew had the opportunity to control some of the jets to defend the destroyer from air attack and at the same time practice launching an air attack on other surface ships.

HMS Duncan’s Senior Warfare Officer Lt Cdr Michael Waters said:

“Opportunities for Type 45 to work with the RAF Typhoons are few and far between, even in the UK.

The chance to operate with 135 EAW, and for HMS Duncan to control live aircraft in the execution of both Air-Air and Air-Surface missions was invaluable and proved our interoperability while both were tasked to NATO in the Black Sea.”

Flight Lieutenant Brett Fusco, from 3(F) Squadron, co-ordinated 135 EAW’s participation and who flew during the exercise explained what happened. He said:

“There were two elements, their fighter controllers on board practised controlling us against an air threat while one of us was acting as the threat and two of us were on Combat Air Patrol protecting the ship.

The other element was conducting Anti Surface Forces Air Operations (ASFAOs) using the fourth jet. For Duncan it was a chance for them to concurrently have different elements of their crew defending against an air threat whilst controlling an anti-surface operation.”


Flt Lt Gemma Bean, the 135 EAW Detachment Administrative Officer said:

“It was really interesting. It was the first time I’ve ever been on a RN ship. Just to see how their lifestyle compares to ours was eye-opening. We saw everything from their helicopter, the operations centre to the bridge and the weapons systems.

They are also on NATO ops. It was interesting to see how they conduct theirs working with different nations, liaising with host nations and how everything fits together as a NATO package.”


Petty Officer Tim Rumble, from HMS Duncan said:

“It was great to have the opportunity to visit an Expeditionary Air Wing deployed with NATO and offered a fascinating insight into the way our RAF colleagues operate.

I particularly enjoyed seeing the aircraft up close as well as the unique facilities at MK Airbase.”

The RAF has deployed 135 Expeditionary Air Wing, from RAF Leeming with four Typhoon aircraft, from RAF Coningsby, to western Romania until the end of August as part of a four-month NATO mission to enhance air policing.

At the same time the Portsmouth-based Type 45 Destroyer, HMS Duncan has been tasked in the Black Sea leading the Standing NATO Maritime Group 2, providing reassurance and deterrence in the Black Sea, as well as commanding NATO’s counter migration activity in the Aegean.

Images and quotes MoD Crown Copyright 2017

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KieranC (@guest_380329)
3 years ago

What a picture that is.

Best air defence ship in the world.

Best dog fighter in the world.

Julian (@guest_380355)
3 years ago
Reply to  KieranC

You missed one. Best attack sub in the word, but in fairness it is submerged which is why you didn’t spot it 🙂

KieranC (@guest_380378)
3 years ago
Reply to  Julian

haha of course Julian, then you could say best torpedo in the world – spearfish 😉

Geoff Goldberg
Geoff Goldberg (@guest_380445)
3 years ago
Reply to  KieranC

Absolutely, nothing else compares. No one refutes that the UK has the best defensive naval technology out there, both ASW and AA; trouble is, we just don’t have the numbers. Government needs to cut spending in other departments and reduce bureaucracy ASAP

Ian (@guest_380479)
3 years ago
Reply to  KieranC


Pacman27 (@guest_380363)
3 years ago

Imagine how much better they would all be with CEC deployed as standard..

Still amazing pictures and great story

KieranC (@guest_380379)
3 years ago
Reply to  Pacman27

I agree, the CEC will hopefully come on the next class of Destroyers.

Mike (@guest_380391)
3 years ago

Which all goes to show – We still have the best, most co-ordinated and effective Armed Services in the world.
Keep it up Lads, you ARE World Leaders! Stay that way.

‘Course you will, you’re Brits!

David (@guest_380395)
3 years ago

Interesting – the title picture is not HMS Duncan (D37) but HMS Defender (D36).

Ok, that sounded way too nerdy ? ??

Just poking fun ??. Awesome ship and I love Typhoon!

Jules (@guest_380533)
3 years ago
Reply to  David

Well spotted though david

Steve (@guest_380507)
3 years ago

the UK typhoons have no anti ship missiles. just exactly how are they going to be directed to launch attacks when they don’t have the ability to attack.

David (@guest_380510)
3 years ago
Reply to  Steve

Strongly worded letter…..

Robert blay
Robert blay (@guest_380574)
3 years ago

Paveway 4 can hit moving targets on land, can’t see why it couldn’t be used against a ship.

David (@guest_380576)
3 years ago
Reply to  Robert blay

Gotta get close – very close.

Ron5 (@guest_380591)
3 years ago
Reply to  David

Get high enough and most warship air defences won’t be able to touch you.

David (@guest_380608)
3 years ago
Reply to  Ron5

True but let’s face it, a Paveway 4 is no substitute for a true ASM.