During her time with the Roosevelt Carrier Strike Group, Fort Rosalie transferred 254 pallets of stores to ships in the task group.

During her time with the US carrier strike group, RFA Fort Rosalie was working for the United Kingdom Maritime Component Commander (UKMCC), based in Bahrain, which is responsible for RN vessels deployed in the Middle East say the Royal Navy

Fort Rosalie’s XO, Chief Officer Dougie Cook, said:

“Team Fort Rosalie really stepped up during this period to deliver quantities of cargo at an impressive pace, achieved by a dedicated ship’s company enthused by the opportunity to work within a task group again.

As this tasking ends thoughts now turn to our future role working alongside HMS Queen Elizabeth delivering the solid support to keep her operational at sea.”

Reflecting on the importance of UK support to US assets operating in the Gulf region, Captain Timothy Gibboney, Commander TF 53, said:

“The United Kingdom and the United States share a long-standing relationship in the maritime. Working with our UK partners allows us to enhance collective interoperability in bringing our operating forces much-needed supplies, and we are appreciative for Fort Rosalie’s vital contributions.”

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Ben P

Good to see we are helping our best bud the USA out. I am sure they appreciate it. Cant wait to see HMS QE getting resupplied.


Fort Rosalie is just one British naval ship doing sterling work around the world.

Ben P

Yup. I’m aware of what the Royal Navy is doing. Even with the constant cuts, they keep going. Other than the US Navy, the RN is by far the most heavily and most frequently globally deployed navy in the world.


Hope we sent them over a pallet or two of Marmite, sat back and watched the horror unfold.