Rolls-Royce is set to provide mtu propulsion and on-board power systems for three new Miecznik-class frigates for the Polish Navy, according to a press release.

The construction of the first 20-cylinder mtu Series 8000 engines, which will power these frigates, is underway at the Rolls-Royce Power Systems division’s Friedrichshafen plant.

Each of the three new multipurpose Miecznik frigates will be equipped with four 20V8000 main propulsion engines, each delivering 8,200 kW, and four 12V4000 on-board generators, each providing 1650 kW of mechanical power.

The CODAD (Combined Diesel and Diesel) propulsion system, featuring four main engines, allows flexible operation modes, ranging from single engine operation for slow patrols to high-speed operation exceeding 20 knots. At a cruising speed of 12 knots, the Miecznik-class ships can achieve a range of approximately 8,000 nautical miles.

Additionally, the four mtu on-board generators will independently power the electrical grid necessary for ship operations and missions. The frigates, based on the British Arrowhead 140 design, will be equipped with advanced weapon and mission systems to control sea areas, protect naval bases, and engage various targets.

The first Miecznik-class frigate is currently being constructed at the PGZ shipyard in Gdynia, Poland, with its launch scheduled for 2026 and commissioning in 2030. The remaining two ships are expected to be delivered to the Polish Navy by 2031.

Paul Röck, Defence Sales Director for EMEA and Latin America at Rolls-Royce Power Systems, commented, “This order as part of our strategic initiative in the government business not only further consolidates our strong position in the market for propulsion systems for very fast ships. With these state-of-the-art systems, we are also supporting our NATO partner Poland, with whom we have a long-standing partnership.”

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Lord Baddlesmere
Lord Baddlesmere (@guest_825962)
1 day ago

Zero UK content then?

Quentin D63
Quentin D63 (@guest_826076)
19 hours ago

I think the Narew(?) SAM system on these ships for the CAMM/CAMM-MR is Anglo-Polish, well at least the CAMM!

Monkey spanker
Monkey spanker (@guest_826082)
14 hours ago

It’s a U.K. designed frigate. Would be extremely surprised if every single U.K. part has been replaced.
A more interesting question would be how much U.K. built content is in the type 31.

Gunbuster (@guest_826105)
12 hours ago
Reply to  Monkey spanker

Try the same question for T26…The mast is Norwegian, Ballistic plating is Israel, Anchor windlass kit from Italy, Sewage treatment system from Spain, HVME is Danish, Gun is American, Mk41 is American, Nav radar Danish, HVAC Air con is German.

T31 will be the same. Suppliers from all sorts of places supplying systems.

Spyinthesky (@guest_826262)
1 minute ago
Reply to  Gunbuster

Sadly we threw away most of our heavy or support industrial sector decades ago through neglect, lack of investment and short sightedness. Design and specialist engineering design and management and related businesses are something we should treasure as it’s still something we are good at.

Lord Baddlesmere
Lord Baddlesmere (@guest_826120)
10 hours ago
Reply to  Monkey spanker

Sorry I wasn’t clear! I was referring to the engine👍

Spyinthesky (@guest_826260)
10 minutes ago
Reply to  Monkey spanker

Indeed as a designer I feel rather insulted that the sort of work and all the add on of varied beneficial input that fan out from that primary work I do are effectively worthless, indeed pointless. No wonder Britain has lost its economic pre-eminence with that attitude. Hey let’s close down Ove Arup clearly they are mostly pointless as they are little more than enablers. One wonders too why OMT and Denmark so stupidly just allowed Babcock to take their design and rework it, and worse still export it, what idiots, obviously they would have got absolutely no benefit whatsoever… Read more »

AlexS (@guest_826050)
22 hours ago

Indonesia Type31 version frigates model was shown partially . Planar radar – 4 faces, 2 76mm Oto Melara guns in the bow.

Quentin D63
Quentin D63 (@guest_826077)
19 hours ago
Reply to  AlexS

Babcock should trying to sell these to the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia and New Zealand and BAE some more B2 Rivers under licence.