Admiral Tony Radakin has taken over from Admiral Sir Philip Jones as First Sea Lord.

Admiral Sir Philip Jones formally handed over command of more than 30,000 men and women, more than 90 vessels, nuclear submarines and support vessels, the helicopters and jets of the Fleet Air Arm and the elite Naval infantry of the Royal Marines to the man who has been Second Sea Lord since 2018 and before that Chief of Staff of the Joint Forces Command from 2016-2018.

According to a Royal Navy statement:

“During his command, Adm Radakin will oversee HMS Queen Elizabeth deploying for the first time and the next of Britain’s aircraft carriers, HMS Prince of Wales, enter service.

He will also lead as the Type 26-class of frigates takes shape along with the new River-class patrol vessels coming into service and the development of the Future Commando Force.

Within the submarine service, the new Dreadnought-class boats will begin to take shape while more Astute boats will join the fleet.”

Admiral Radakin’s operational service has seen him involved in the Iran/Iraq Tanker War, security duties in the Falklands, NATO embargo operations in the Adriatic, counter smuggling in Hong Kong and Caribbean as well as three tours in Iraq, say the Royal Navy.

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Daniele Mandelli

I don’t know of him.

Is he a politician or will he fight for his service?

Steve Salt

Commanded the frigates Blazer and Norfolk as well as a string of staff command positions, so looks like a but of both.


You don’t know him but you ask a leading question anyway…


Why not!!

Daniele Mandelli

Pardon me for breathing….but.

I don’t know “of him”

Big difference to ” I don’t know him”


Trevor Holcroft

The big difference was your question was a leading question, not an open question asking for simple answers… either know ‘of him’or ‘knowing him’ is not the point.

Daniele Mandelli

Two Trevors? I asked about an officer I’ve read nothing on. Genuine question. Some are known for fighting their corner some like the current CDS as politicians. Strangely Steve understood. How would you like me to phrase my question? Or how about being a nice chap and just answering if you know about the new 1SL? And are you the same Trevor who’s being equally awkward in your replies to Spy in The Sky currently on the T23 thread when you pulled him up for using the phrase “rotting away” ? As for leading or not leading being a point.… Read more »


To answer your actual question bit of both but I think In this era 1st sea lord has to be both, otherwise they won’t have the skills required to argue their corner with the politicians and if too political they don’t have the ability to command effectively.

Side Note Trevor is clearly a male appendage

Daniele Mandelli

Thank you! A fair answer I guess.

My thinking was, before I even put my foot in it by asking, was that I’d only read recently here what a good job Jones had been doing and was saddened he was off.

Really hoping the new guy can put up a fight.


Sorry – OT – but hope the pilots punched successfully…


Steve Taylor

Father Famine on the front rank is a submariner?


Insignia looks right doesn’t it. He must be the emergency ‘dive angle actuator’ for when the planes jam

Daniele Mandelli


Steve Taylor

He wouldn’t have fit in an O-boat, I don’t think an O-boat would carry enough scran to keep his appetite sated……


West politicised the position – they are all politicians now. Don’t say anything negative about the government and you’ll get your peerage and/or K