Royal Navy’s newest sub test fires torpedo using £50 million UK-made advanced Combat System.

The firing tested the BAE Systems designed Common Combat System (CCS) on board, which functions as the digital ‘brain’ of the boat controlling its ‘eyes’, ‘ears’ and ‘nervous system’. Using the torpedo test, the cutting-edge system was able to interpret sonar readings, and then attack a moving target with a practice weapon.


Director Submarines Support at the MOD’s defence procurement organisation, DE&S, Rear Admiral Keith Beckett said:

The Common Combat System allows the Royal Navy to detect and track the quietest adversaries. It is a huge improvement in terms of resilience and flexibility and we’re at the early stages of exploring the system’s huge potential.

The successful development of the system is another example of UK Defence working together with British business and enterprise to deliver world-class and battle-winning submarine capability.

Rear Admiral Submarines, John Weale said:

We are seeing the resurgence of the Submarine Service with the introduction of new submarines, a clear direction and motivated personnel. The Common Combat System in Artful is a strong demonstration of this and helps to deliver my vision for the Service as the UK’s elite underwater force.

The unique fighting power of the Royal Navy’s Submarine force, boat for boat and crew for crew, is second to none.

Artful is undergoing her first combat capability trials since she was handed over to the Royal Navy in mid-December 2015. These trials will be completed by July 2016, after which Artful will undergo a period of maintenance and training to prepare for operations.


  1. If the new Trident boats get delayed, and who would bet against that, is there any chance of another Astute boat being added to keep production at Barrow ticking along?


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