A Russian ballistic missile submarine successfully test-fired four intercontinental ballistic missiles at the weekend.

The Russian Defense Ministry say that the Vladimir Monomakh launched four Bulava missiles in the Sea of Okhotsk.

The ‘dummy’ warheads hit their targets in the Arkhangelsk region in northwestern Russia over 3,400 miles away, the ministry said in a statement.

АПЛ "Владимир Мономах".jpg
The Vladimir Monomakh

“Today, the strategic missile submarine Vladimir Monomakh of the Pacific Fleet fired a salvo of four Bulava ballistic missiles as part of planned combat training activities,” the Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement.


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Ian M.

And didn’t sink!

Supportive Bloke

That we know of.

Or was it Hunt for the Red October film style a barge with a fibreglass mockup of a sub on top of it!!

Paul T

I watched the Video Yesterday,its an Impressive Display by any means.These Launches are not exactly Cheap to Perform – has Trident ever been Ripple Fired ever by the US ? I cannot imagine ours being Tested in the same way for the Same Reason.

Ian M.

Just fire the oneski Comrade, “yes Kapitan Connery………….ooops!


If all four missiles were the same type hitting the same spot I wonder what was the point. Perhaps it was more of a response to the minuteman tests, anything you can do….. and all that.

Paul T

Considering the Location of the Test I wonder if it was more relevant to China than the US.

Daniele Mandelli

Evening Paul.

I don’t think so. Lots of other tests throughout the Cold War and after have been too and from the Kamchatka area, which is nearby.

It’s a primary reason why the US uses variants of Rivet Joint aircraft in the area at these times, and also has listening stations in the Aelutian Islands, to monitor these tests.

Daniele Mandelli

I’d also add the obvious issue of geography. Lots of range West to East in Russia vs North South.

Supportive Bloke

Well, at least they have blown a good part of the Russian Naval budget doing that.

So much to be happy about.

And it keeps them happy to.

All they need to do is to invest the rest into modernising their scrapheap challenge carrier and we can all sleep easier in our beds.

Mark B

Perhaps they have given up any pretence that they can keep up with Western forces developing conventional weapons?


Between Russian pride and years of Western hubris we have split two spheres of influence into competing tribes when in fact we should be cooperating as amiable neighbours and this, when the Chinese dragon is in the ascendancy.

The West must learn it cannot go around trying to impose its vision of liberal democracy and culture every where. Russia needs to swallow its pride and recognise its past and present behaviours towards its neighbours has been brutal and oppressive.

I don’t see this happening anytime soon.


No, depressing indeed. My enemies enemy and all that for Russia/China, whatever they feel behind the scenes. Their only real link these days is that commercially and beyond they both work with variations of well trod Nationsl Socialist principles except one is working far better in the doing. Russia must be deeply concerned that no longer is China such a lucrative arms sales customer, it’s not only coming to an end but that customer is rapidly certainly in many aspects leaving it technically in the dust and likely soon have an increasingly good run at taking over much of its… Read more »


Putin trying to be relevant.

Daniele Mandelli

Any real reason why the test was at night?