The UK and Japan have cancelled a joint beach assault near Mount Fuji as a typhoon approaches the Japanese mainland.

The UK and Japan had planned for a Royal Marine detachment and Japanese amphibious troops to storm the beach from HMS Albion this Friday. According to Reuters, the cancellation was announced by the UK embassy in Japan.

The 23,000-tonne amphibious assault ship HMS Albion left Plymouth at the beginning February, and is tasked with strengthening the United Kingdom’s ties throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

HMS Albion has already paid diplomatic visits to Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei and Japan, while her Royal Marines have exercised deep in the jungles of Borneo.

HMS Albion’s Commanding Officer, Captain Tim Neild, said:

“The presence of HMS Albion in the Asia-Pacific region demonstrates that the Royal Navy is a truly global force in a part of the world vital to the UK’s own economic ambitions. In doing so, I am privileged to be able to count on such a dedicated team of sailors and marines. They are quite simply the best ambassadors our nation could wish for.”


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Typhoon Lane is about to hit the Hawaiian Islands as a Cat 5. First time in many years. Pearl and Hickam are as empty as ghost towns.



Lets hope they reschedule. Training ops like this are so vital for enhancing military ties, cooperation and interoperability.


true, very true. however I’m sure the Royals aren’t complaining right now after jungle ex
the japs are tooling up and I’m sure we want to get in on their party

Rob Collinson

Sounds a little like a “leaves on the line” type bureaucratic ‘peaked cap’ response! Are our Royal Marines frightened of a little weather? Not the Marines that my Grandfather served in during WWII. Now, put the knives away, I have the utmost respect for the Marines and all of the brave souls who stand up and volunteer to put themselves in danger for us. The US Marines are a pale copy of the RMs. I am sure they were just as disappointed not to exercise due to weather. I am sure that there were many who were willing but safety… Read more »

Rob Collinson


I hope they whether the Hurricane OK

David E Flandry

‘…a pale copy of the RMs.”? 40 battalions compared to 3 battalions is not a pale copy.