Researchers at European Geostrategy broke global powers down into four categories: Super Power, Global Power, Regional Power and Local Power.

The United States took the top slot as the world’s super power, while Britain took the only Global Power slot, bringing her in second behind America.

Regional powers include France, India and Germany, while local powers were those such as Italy, Brazil, and Turkey.

The organisation European Geostrategy rate the United Kingdom as a global power, they define this as:

“A country lacking the heft or comprehensive attributes of a superpower, but still with a wide international footprint and [military] means to reach most geopolitical theatres, particularly the Middle East, South-East Asia, East Asia, Africa and South America.”

The British Armed Forces comprise the Royal Navy, a blue-water navy with a comprehensive and advanced fleet; the Royal Marines, a highly specialised amphibious light infantry force; the British Army, the UK’s principal land warfare force; and the Royal Air Force, with a diverse operational fleet consisting of modern fixed-wing and rotary aircraft.

The country is a major participant in NATO and other coalition operations and is also party to the Five Power Defence Arrangements. Recent operations have included Afghanistan and Iraq, peacekeeping operations in the Balkans and Cyprus, intervention in Libya and again operations over Iraq and Syria.

Overseas defence facilities are maintained at Ascension Island, Belize, Brunei, Canada, Diego Garcia, the Falkland Islands, Gibraltar, Kenya, Bahrain and Cyprus.

The UK still retains considerable economic, cultural, military, scientific and political influence internationally. It’s a recognised nuclear weapons state and its defence budget ranks fifth or sixth in the world. The country has been a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council since its inception.

The United Kingdom also scores highly in the Chinese ranking system called ‘Comprehensive National Power’, this is a putative measure, important in the contemporary political thought of the People’s Republic of China, of the general power of a nation-state.

CNP is reportedly calculated numerically by combining various quantitative indices to create a single number held to measure the power of a nation-state. These indices take into account both military factors (known as hard power) and economic and cultural factors (known as soft power). CNP is notable for being an original Chinese political concept with no roots in either contemporary Western political theory, Marxism-Leninism, or pre-20th century Chinese thinking.

There is a general consensus that the United States is the nation with the highest CNP and that mainland China’s CNP ranks not only far behind the United States but also behind the United Kingdom, Russia, France and Germany.

The key in this matter is that while countries like China for example have a larger military than the United Kingdom, it does not have the logistical capability to deploy, support and sustain those forces overseas in large numbers.

Professor Malcolm Chalmers, director of UK Defence Policy Studies at the renowned Royal United Services Institute, says Britain would have a clear advantage in a straight fight at an equidistant location. This was described in a 2011 Briefing Paper:

“The UK will never again be a member of the select club of global superpowers. Indeed it has not been one for decades. But currently planned levels of defence spending should be enough for it to maintain its position as one of the world’s five second-rank military powers (with only the US in the first rank), as well as being (with France) one of NATO-Europe’s two leading military powers. Its edge – not least its qualitative edge – in relation to rising Asian powers seems set to erode, but will remain significant well into the 2020’s, and possibly beyond.”

According to Business Insider, Chalmers has since expanded on this:

“I think my 2011 comment remains valid. If you take individual elements of front line military capability – air, sea, land — the UK armed forces continue to outmatch those of China in qualitative terms by some margin. The UK also has greater capabilities for getting the most out of these forces, through key enabling capabilities (command and control, intelligence, strategic transport).

Not least, the UK has greater capability than China for operating at range. China (and even more so other Asian powers) remain focused on their immediate neighbourhoods, with limited capabilities for power projection. This is likely to change over the next decade. For now, though, China would still be out-matched qualitatively in a ‘straight fight’ with the UK in an equidistant location (the south Atlantic? The Gulf?), and would be unable to mobilise a force big enough to outweigh this quality gap. China’s quantitative advantages would come into play in the event of a conflict in its own neighbourhood – and its qualitative weaknesses would be less important, though still significant. So my statement was never meant to imply that the UK could outmatch China off the latter’s own coastline.”

Some people like to quote numbers from sites like Global Firepower, a site that rates countries on numbers without any regard for their ability to deploy, sustain and support those numbers, indeed it is the only place where a country gets a higher rank with 100 Soviet-era tanks than a country with 90 modern main battle tanks.

However when it comes to ‘soft power’, according to a study earlier this year, France has overtaken the UK in soft power.

France surpassed the US and Britain as the world’s top soft power, according to an annual survey examining how much non-military global influence an individual country wields. Britain headed the list two years ago, but was edged off top spot by the US last year.

However, the survey cites the election of Donald Trump, the Brexit vote and the election of Emmanuel Macron as factors that have shifted global perceptions.

The report found that “despite the looming public negotiations the UK’s objective soft power assets both state and privately owned remain strong”. But it warned the polling showed Britain’s rating was falling, largely due to a decline in favourability among European countries. Outside the EU, perceptions of the UK remained static.

Soft power is a concept developed by Joseph Nye of Harvard University to describe the ability to attract and co-opt rather than coerce, use force or give money as a means of persuasion. Soft power is the ability to shape the preferences of others through appeal and attraction. A defining feature of soft power is that it is noncoercive; the currency of soft power is culture, political values, and foreign policies. Recently, the term has also been used in changing and influencing social and public opinion through relatively less transparent channels and lobbying through powerful political and non-political organisations. In 2012, Nye explained that with soft power, “the best propaganda is not propaganda”, further explaining that during the Information Age, “credibility is the scarcest resource”.

The Soft Power 30, which uses a composite index to examine the strength of soft power assets at the disposal of countries, rates the top performing countries in order as France, the UK, US, Germany and Canada. Outside the top five, Japan and Switzerland have risen to sixth and seventh respectively. Overall the survey shows a sharp reversal from last year’s narrative of a Europe in soft power decline.

Described by Professor Joseph Nye, who developed the concept of soft power, as “the clearest picture to date”, it is the first index to include the rising importance of digital assets and to use international polling to gauge national reputations across the world.

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David L Thomas

Interesting thought it would be USA and Russia in terms of thousands of nukes and large armed forces they have.


What use is 7,000 nukes? Redundancy in case of failure to launch? Any more than around 200 is almost useless. Russia’s military while powerful do not have any reach; where’s their bases in the world? In ten years time when Russia’s money has completely run out they’ll be back to the year 2000.

Mike wheatley

because the first target of Russian nukes would be America’s unfired nukes, (and vice versa, of course,) so each side needs enough so that even if the other side fired first, they would have enough left to ruin the country who attacked them. Iirc, the calculation was that they would have 20% of their nukes left?
Also, the count of all warheads would include tactical nukes, nuclear depth charges, etc.


So were assuming within 15 minutes of a Russian launch, the Allies will have reassigned their missile targeting information and launched themselves? Thats only capable on a very small amount of available missiles! I’ve just looked it up. If the UK was to target every major City in Russia; would they (without external assistance be able to confidently deliver to that target? The answer is yes. So my original point is could the UK alone disable Russia? yes!

Mark Jolly

Russia would not challenge the UK, it would be there last step

andrew reeves



Hi, im assuming u have no children?and no clue about science. Nuclear. You are very stupid. Sorry to tell you this and i didnt read all of what you said. Lol great init. X

Robert McDermott

Dumb comments when the UK has to ask permission of the uSA to fire its missiles which it ‘leases’ rom the USA. Do some fact checking and remember the Russian technology is far more advanced than anything the UK has. S400 S300 and soon S500. Hypersonic weapons and the capabilty to wipe the UK off the map before it could even get one hit on Russia.


Russian military is more technologically advanced than the UK’s? Are you sure! Their military is decrepit, their fleet of under-maintained and inherently flawed ships and subs are more of a threat to their own crews, and those hypersonic missiles are unusable. The UK tested this technology 25yrs ago and decided it was unworkable for the same reasons the Russians are now discovering. Their soldiers are underpaid and demotivated and no match for the UKs highly experienced and motivated forces. And the myth about the USA having control of UK nukes is exactly that, a MYTH. As one of the few… Read more »

Anurag Chakraborty

Does the people in the UK think they are as advanced a Superpower as USA ?……….Why does the UK always think of itself as being in the same league as US, India, China, etc…………………The UK still has miles to go before it can match upto the levels of these countries, their Infrastructure is primitive to say the least & most of the UK population are still dependent on public transportation even at this day & age !!!


? Honestly, India must stop issuing those 1950’s Soviet textbooks in schools and libraries. As for ‘not in the same league as India’, well…..


No there not the uk has far to many cars on the road I’d you ask me the uk has the logistics support for there army were as China Russia India have a bigger Forse but would not be able to deploy most of it as they could not supply them all with ammunition and food supply ex were as the uk can deploy verry successfully over sea and around the world that’s why it’s a global power it’s like having a v8 range rover and only having enough money to run mini


Did you just say ‘not in the same league and India and china” You do realise that the UK being the leading country in terms of soft power which means being able to persuade other countries or economies to do things. Using this fact and the power of the UK military, royal air force and navy the UK easily deserves the place as the second most powerful country in the world and would probably be first if the US GDP wasn’t so big. Also, how is the use of public transport a measure of anything?

David Colquhoun

simple we have strategic bases all over the world our queen is head of state in a number of countries that means she is head of there armoured forces so they are ours icing on we are an island nation cherry on the cake we have trident


India has power cuts several times per day, the streets stink of sewerage and the tap water is full of parasites. Hardly a country that could sustain a conflict. India has never successfully defended itself from outside invaders in over 2,000 years.

At a decisive battle with the British, a section of the Indian army accepted a bribe to not fight for their own country, wives and daughters. Hardly a warrior race to say the least.


I have never read such a ridiculous post. In a detached theatre such as the middle East, the UK would spank Indian forces. Even more so in 2 years time when we actually get aircraft for our carriers. Public transport? Yeah I’ve seen the Indian trains with the 3rd class seats – IE the roof….


Time to get back to work on your rickshaw Anurag.


lot of butthurt brits ,here,how is the free trade agreement negotiations with india going?? begged enough??


Did you even read the article?

David Stephen

Look up the word sanitation.


omg seriously you beleive that brain washing? Im surprised you even have an internet connection to get onto this site where you come from

Steven Jones

UK’s infrastructure lags behind India ? Stop smoking those dried cow poo cigarettes, they are rotting your brain. Yes we use public transport as it is convenient, but when we uses buses and trans we travel inside them rather than hanging off the sides or sitting on the roof like monkeys.

Steven Jones

UK’s infrastructure lags behind India ? Stop smoking those dried cow poo cigarettes, they are rotting your brain. Yes we use public transport as it is convenient, but when we uses buses and trains we travel inside them rather than hanging off the sides or sitting on the roof like monkeys.

Jason Waddington

Really, you need an education if this is a real answer and not a wind up.


Poo in the loo

Geoff Goldberg

That is a retarded argument, Pajeet.


Dependent on public transport. Huh? The exact opposite is the problem in the UK; reliance on cars. If you are going to denigrate the UK, at least insult them for their actual problems. They invest too little in public transport, have it all squandered and owned by foreign and private holders—from French multinationals to Canadian private pensions—and they have an over reliance on road transport which has led to an increase in air pollution. But then India by comparison is a hell hole.

kolner schotten

Scotland is the true Island Nation not England.


OK, it’s always nice to hear from our Indian friends but there is no need to throw a complete wobbly every time someone comes up with a report that disturbs your fragile sense of self-worth. I have been to India – it is definitely on the rise and will no doubt take it’s rightful place at the top table soon. The UK has pretty good infrastructure considering the paucity of investment since WW2 and it still outstrips India, for one in that regard. Your comment about public transport was puzzling too – it is not a weakness to have a… Read more »

Hildergarde Hammhocker

Indian government said last year..with a real smile..that it will have toilets in every school within 5 years. Go check for yourself. As to what the British can and can’t do the reference of the information supplied is available fr you to research and READ! Can you read by the way? The UK along with Australia experimented with Australia with inter continental ballistic missiles in the 1950’ Woomerah..Woomerah is STILL in use……the ONLY working scram jet engine in the WORLD is operating there…dont rat on about India..but why dont YOU release YOUR version and put references, these dudes did that…………..why… Read more »

Lee Kirkby

Tell you why we do mate
Because we have big hearts and we will never surrender!


Jesus! You dumbass.


2nd in command of NATO. amphibious fleet who can fight any where on the planet. If China or Russia owned the falklands they wouldn’t be able to take it back simple haven’t got amphibious fleet. They would of turned up on a cruise ship. Best trained troops on the planet period. every special forces copies the s.a.s. Financial hub of the world. We actually have more military bases spreaded over the world than USA. Ranked no2 in the world for soft power was no 1. I’ll create a scenario for you to prove it. South Africa got invaded they need… Read more »

Rascal B

Really? Lol this is a hilarious comment! Reliant on public transport? Are you mental? You use public transport because it’s one of the most efficient ways to travel you turnip! Ever tried to drive to your destination in London? You are such a mis informed ignorant person this comment is wrong on every point!

Kevin Drake

Well, you should know. You’re from a third world country. Many families have several cars and we’re still high ranking despite allowing people like you into the country to lower it specially with your poor command of English


Newsflash! Our money is run out! We have a massive deficit and debt! We don’t have enough people to man the ships, our forces are seriously depleted and if you believe this article you are seriously deluded!


It is so sad how Scots people are still envious of the English. :-/

David Colquhoun

The English should envet the scotts as they get more of you cash thean use do

Jennifer Ross

Like we have never paid for any of the military or died in our thousands defending this country along side you..?Get real have some grace and don’t flatter yourselves.. !!

Great Scot

Oh ye think so? What planet do you live on mr English from eng a land? If scotland wasn’t in this unequal union i’m afraid to say,( my not so faraway friend that) Eng a land would have no Empire at all. It would just be little Eng a land dude. Do some real historical research( not the english version) and you will soon discover that it’s scotland that has the influence around the world and it’s usually the scots who get thrown in the front line to save you little englander friends lilly liver chicken s*** bu*h***s. We practically… Read more »

kolner schotten

Envious? Laughing at you more like.


Some Scots always have to put the UK down. Where would an independent Scotland rank I wonder? Newsflash – the US (ranked 1) is 14 Trillion in debt…….

Great Scot

Newsflash Ragnar: plenty of english put the uk down too. The scots who put the Uk. Down as you put it? We don’t . We just don’t like idiots like yourself who are obviously anti scottish.. Or just plain Envious that such a small Country with an even smaller population is better at everything than the English and that’s a fact boyo. If Scotland had the same size of population as the English and the Roles were reversed you might just begin to see our point when we are always treated like idiots when we only want to be treated… Read more »


Head-of-State does not mean Commander-and-Chief. Get Ride of un-elected Heads-of-State & make your Prime Minister the Head-of-State. There is no point in a Head of State not in direct control of either military or govt…. Waste of Money .. its 2018 get ride of people being in power because who their parents are i.e. Monarchy… it is SUPER STUPID & waste of your $$

and you are………..??


Shortly as the £355million a week for the NHS being part of the agreement or referendum by the Brexit lot, the massive reduction in those in employ, the crash of the pound from €1.40 down to about €1.10 the figures given will soon pale into history. The UK like other past empires is sinking. The new ship called the ss britain will be launched when enough wood and nails can be found to hold it together. Oh ss, stands for slowly sinking!

Mick Wilson


UK Defence Journal

I take it you haven’t actually read the article then? The study is linked to and their data is available to anyone who reads it, there are also two different organisations with broadly similar results mentioned.

James Davies


UK Defence Journal

I take it you haven’t actually read the article then? The study is linked to and their data is available to anyone who reads it, there are also two different organisations with broadly similar results mentioned.

James Liffiton

This article is misleading. The study classifies the UK as a Global Power based on the ability to project power efficiently and effectively, not as the 2nd most powerful country in the world. In terms of raw power the UK is further down the list, though still formidable.

Chris Moss

If only!

UK Defence Journal

The study is linked to and their data is available to anyone who reads it, there are also two different organisations with broadly similar results mentioned.

Assad Riaz


UK Defence Journal

I take it you haven’t actually read the article then? The study is linked to and their data is available to anyone who reads it, there are also two different organisations with broadly similar results mentioned.

Christian Benesch

The UK Defence Journal is very defensive 🙂
Stop being delusional. The UK is in decline. Two mothballed aircraft carriers don’t make you a global power, sorry 🙂
The French have surpassed you by a mile.


You don’t box to cleaver so why don’t you go an get into a debate about something you know about maybe some thing like horse dribble.


The French? What do they have? An aged aircraft carrier and one dependable infantry unit.

David Stephen

How can they be mothballed when they are not even commissioned yet? Clearly you are delusional. The french will never surpass us except at surrendering.


the french? Really?

Alan Thompson

Just seen a French WW2 rifle on E-Bay.
Great condition. Only dropped once..

Assad Riaz

I did . Actually that expression was because I did know about this fact before . No doubt, it is great news and article .

Ivan Scott

The most powerful country in the world is the one that’s not scared to push “the button” first.

Lewis Pollard

The stupidest country you mean…more cowardly then powerful using those types of weapons

Will Farrell

MAD – Mutually Assured Destruction: If we fire on a nuclear state, they are certain to fire back we all die from the detonation, fallout or radiation sickness. Fantastically powerful whilst you’re spewing blood from both ends, have the worst headache imaginable, a fever you could cook eggs on, a balance compass based on my Ex’s Moral compass and blood coming out of every orifice. Really powerful.

Andrew Clark


Glenn Middlemiss

they having a laugh ?

UK Defence Journal

Hi Glenn,

The study is linked to and their data is available to anyone who reads it, there are also two different organisations with broadly similar results mentioned. Remember, these people know far more about the subject than you or I do.


Because of it’s ability to make warships ?

Hi Trevor, the article and study both actually explain why.

Make warships… Cost a lot more then the original design, over the time period and then when we get them to sea I’m sure we’ll find many problems about them just like the 45’s…

Yes thanks I have read through it and seem a plausible explanation,though I thought Russia was Number 2 or a *Global power* as the research puts it .

People really overestimate Russia, their military isn’t amazing and their soft power is almost none existent

Jason Bartlett

Second most powerful based on alot more than military capabilities, keep in mind this not saying second most powerful military as we all know while we would fit in the top 10 2 would be pushing it.

The uk does have a massive global reach far beyond its military, culture language law and more plus close ties with a wide selection on countries all over the planet.

Dave Pitchford

Hallelujah! Someone who read the article and can think!!

Are they on drugs . UK punches quite hard but to be No2 naaaaaaa I do not think so.

Hi Luke,

The study is linked to and their data is available to anyone who reads it, there are also two different organisations with broadly similar results mentioned. Remember, these people know far more about the subject than you or I do.



Why not ? there is only 1 country probably in the history of humanity that launched an amphibious opposed invasion of an illegally seized island over 8000….. miles from home and won. that is called reach and the fact we took 10000 guys down there supported them fought off Argentinian airstrikes at the same time shows a very capable military.


But could we do it again, tomorrow? Thirty five long years of defence cut after defence cut have decimated our military capabilities. No operational aircraft carriers and no aircraft to fly from them, our one LPH on its last legs, no long range bombing capability, faulty destroyers, too few frigates and subs, no long range maritime surveillance capability, air force, army and navy all overstretched across the globe because we insist on trying to be the global power we’re not. In 1982 we had (just about) enough military muscle to pull it off. Now? I rather doubt it.

Peter Seals

Great insight and thanks

Sam 'Nervous' Pope

Would be interesting to see whether assets such as the French Foriegn Legion are taken into consideration when assessing “[military] means to reach most geopolitical theatres”.

Christian Benesch

It’s nonsense. The British don’t have any strategic independence, unlike the French.
They are just extensions of the Americans.


Why are the French so envious of the British? Remember London 2012? You couldn’t hear a thing for all the French whinging.


The americains ask the uk for advise on most things the French ain’t all that when did the French last win a war


Actually your comment is complete nonsense. America has never won a war without British assistance, Vietnam for example.

Korea was won because of the outstanding performance of British troops. Vietnam was lost because the British weren’t there.


Korea wasn’t won. At best, you could call it a draw. Had it been won we wouldn’t now be on the brink of a third world war.

David Stephen

A nonsensical statment backed by nothing. Your mouth it appears is an extension of your ass.

Martin Melvin

Its quite simple, we have the tech. Maybe not the numbers. The closest would be france or israel. Russias gear is rusting awfully.

Mark McIntyre

Hahahaha. That’s funny. Before Russia and China lol.

Brian Trueman

Nice reading cheers for the info.

Richard Day

I don’t understand why people are finding this hard to believe and I suspect that most of them have not done 2 things. They have not read this article and they have not thought about it.

Dave Pitchford

I think that, sadly, you are quite correct!

Richard Day

I don’t know why but the Internet encourages people to have the thinking capacity and the memory of a very backwards goldfish.


Agreed, they seem to be kneejerking and channeling their Anglophobia (esp the French and the Scots).


I think that people are still seeing Britain as that country which had such a rickety economy before the last 25 years. They don’t stay informed over here (America) about anything regarding the UK and many other countries as well. Plus there is this “we had to win the war for you” testosterone driven patriotism over here that borders in some people on fanaticism. Americans think that we won the Revolution on American “balls and glory” and also are taught to think that we won the War of 1812. The aid of France, the failure of the US Army to… Read more »


I like the cut of your jib, sir

Joseph Harrison

You, my friend, have the right mentality.


summed it up well

alfie copeland

probably just watched those crappy top 10s on youtube which the uk is at 8th spot just because north korea has 1 extra soviat era 1960s tank

Andy Christie

I wish people would actually read the article.

UK Defence Journal

So do we, people who only read the headline tend to leave the most frustrating comments!

Dave Pitchford

Mind boggling …. drives me crazy…..

Benny Chan

UK Defence Journal i hope it’s true but your Army (not to mention the whole British Armed Forces)is shrinking

Jamie Lee Case

The UK is a smal nation. However do not under estimate the British Armed Forces the country is small but it has conquered more land in its history than any other nation.


Read up on the battle of Imjin river Mr Chan.


But, is it losing firepower, or the capability to bring that firepower in to play over great distances. I believe it does. Your average British soldier carries a lot more firepower individually that they did in 1980.

Ivan Scott

Most of us read the article before commenting. Sometimes the article appears to be nothing more than biased propaganda or self-promoting, resulting in an opinion that may get knee-jerk reactions from the terminally serious. 🙂

Andy Christie

Investment in technology is the counter to that.

Chris Harding

I’m Struggling to see how they reached that conclusion. we will be one of the more advanced military’s in a few years yes but the 2nd most powerful?

that being said a very interesting read

Damian Ross

Most powerful…second most powerful, doesn’t matter. Our leaders wouldn’t “push the big red button”…in fact some of our supposed deputy leaders want to remove it all together.
The winner will be the one who dares in war these days.
Our armed forces are amazing but they are constricted. Bit like the police…employed to do a job…go and do it…then get investigated

Mike Dyke

Its been like that for decades

Paul Stewart

I once read an article on FB stating the world was going to end in 2012!!!!

UK Defence Journal


The article fully explains the reasoning and also links to not only the original source but two other sources and organisations who broadly agree with the findings of the first.


Paul Stewart

Iv also seen with my own eyes that it says OXO on the sides of numerous buses

UK Defence Journal

Don’t worry, being obtuse is a quality that people really respect.

Paul Stewart

Good job I don’t believe everything I read or your words would cut deep! I’ll bet the authors of these articles haven’t seen the forces from the inside!!!

UK Defence Journal

Paul, with the greatest of respect, at least try reading the actual studies referenced.

Alan Radisic

So what do you believe if you do not believe everything you read? Is it more reliable?

Paul Stewart

Hahaha, go start your own comment Alan Radisic and troll that

Chris Albutt

Reading the report it bases a lot its findings based on the ability to deploy units quickly, how modern the units are, it fails to take into account numbers this were the uk is failing, with current operations we can deploy between 8 to 12 GR-4’s any more than that we struggle in keeping crews deployed and start to run out of airframes as the airframes are needed for training or being serviced. The problem the uk has is consent reduction in numbers of the last 20 years has left the armed forces a shadow of its former self. In… Read more »

Ren Yang

I thought Russia should be 2nd followed by China?


Russia is not a Global power; its a regional one! Putin overplays their military.

Paramjeet Mann

LOL, those ‘studies’ must have been done by britishers themselves :V :V :V

UK Defence Journal

I take it you didn’t read the full article? Way to make your country look bad!


desperate India. lol


India is still dependant on foreign aid. When you finally do stand on your own 2 feet, maybe you’ll have something to say.


Your foreign aid accounts for less than 0.4% of the Indian GDP, besides it wasn’t the Indians that asked for this foreign aid. Foreign aid can pretty much be attributed to the guilty conscience of the British. Time and again, representatives of the Indian Government have said they neither want nor need this aid.


Ok if you don’t need our foreign aid can you pls pls pls tell our leaders that so they stop wasting money on you, thanks

David Stephen

“done by britishers” The studies certainly where not done by you. You clearly can not read or write.


The stupidity of many of the comments on here is scary. Read the post (if you can read). Global power isn’t about military numbers, the UK dominates in soft power and influence,combined with military and cyber strength. READ THE POST.


Why does everything think this is wrong?
There’s far more to power than having a big army, especially in the modern era.

Mark Symons

yeah right

UK Defence Journal

Useless comment.

Ted Dinsmore

Surprised that Germany didn’t rank higher than it did.

Joseph Harrison

Germany doesn’t really have anything more than economic and political clout. Its military is powerful, but it’s not capable of global projection, because they don’t have an international presence in the same way that Britain and the US do.


End Brexit quicker invade Germany would take years before the other 26 states made a decision to help them.

Martin Nelson

It’s a sold enough commentary, but perhaps lacking in more detailed explanation of things like: allied nations (ports and bases); the role the commonwealth undoubtedly plays in the UK’s ‘power’; the established (and protected) trade routes which countries like China lack; the diplomatic weight and history of the UK; and perhaps finally the role that the BBC plays as far as it’s international news services are concerned. I wouldn’t expect the average person to be reading something like this anyway, but if you forgive me for saying so, the article isn’t even a strong commentary. It’s a collection of quotes… Read more »

Aaron Hawtin

It’s a short article merely breezing briefly over topics that are significant to its subject matter…it’s not a 1000 page document.
Lighten up!

UK Defence Journal

The whole point of the article was to highlight studies performed by other organisations, not conduct one of our own.

Reading the article should have made that clear, most others seem to understand.

Josie Ciano

However, in your other comments you try to sound as if you conducted the study yourself and other organizations agree with you. Then you go on to say “read the article”. Well, I certainly did. I am in the military so should be able to grasp some kind of reasoning behind this however I don’t. Of course, I expect you to respond with some kind of rude reply regarding my level of intelligence despite that You will still not have anything substantial backing up your article. You do not back up anything except stating what countries are in what category… Read more »

David Stephen

Why should anyone care if you agree. Who are you? Check the studies yourself instead of just saying “I dont like it so its not true”. Your fourth last sentence shows you to be a conceited little git as well.

Martin Nelson

Not to be too flip, but from what you are saying then you’re aiming to be a buzzfeed like site? A couple of paragraphs explaining the thing you want to highlight but nothing original? I’m not trying to judge, but when I first became aware of you guys, it looked like it might actually be journal like writing. If I’ve misunderstood where you are trying to pitch your site, fair enough. If you want to be a semi-respected news outlet though I’d suggest a bit more work could go into the articles is all. As a side note, the amount… Read more »

David Stephen

The artical is clear. It is not an in depth analysis but rather the presentation of the findings of an in depth analysis. It is what it is. The comments reflect nothing other than lots of idiots are here posting. None of the negative comments offer any alternative view or fact or even arguments, they are all simply anti british mud slinging.


Bore off mate.

Shubham Seth

dont know how come UK leads in soft power with bollywood and bhangra and yoga taking all over the world 😛


irony.bollywood itself a copy of western films. still using the Shakespearean tropes in 21st century. your country ranks high in the world in poverty and people with no toilets.

Shubham Seth

also you are atrue blue water navy, only when you have slbm, all of yours slbm is from USA and so are your nukes,
i am saying, something is wrong in calculation


The uk nukes are the same spec as the USA just we have about 300 all together


And your income comes from British aid, as you have the most amount of starving children in the world.

David Stephen

No they are not. Where are your SSBNs? Your best boat is a leased Russian skip.

Chris Storey

George Allison, stop whinging about people’s comments, you’re the one leaving yourself open to it by leaving a vague headline. Going to block me from this page too? You don’t really have much to be stuck up for.


No way today. In real terms we could not mount another Falklands operation. We have no aircraft carriers ( operational with planes ) thankfully this study is not just military orientated. We do punch above our weight tho. Where is Israel? A powerful military and they keep inventing things to make life better whether it be electronic/agriculture/medicine etc. RE Russia being over rated, like China they only need to get the first strike in.


We don’t need to that’s why there are thousands of troops there at all times 4 euro fighter jets and 1 type 45 destroyer the arginine forces are verry weak and probably couldn’t take it now if they tried there equipment is basically the same as what they used in 1982

Aaron Hawtin

Ffs…to all the morons making negative comments…read the entire article…or are there too many “big” words for you to understand?

Josie Ciano

To all the morons that disagree with the article: big words don’t hinder us from understanding what the article is actually telling us which is absolutely NOTHING. Does this article think it can use big words so that means we are suppose to agree when it backs up nothing. This is a poorly written article, biased and obviously written by Brits. Basically, the only the article has said is there is only one spot available for Global Power and that is for the UK. It also stated there is a Navy, Air Force, Army, and Marines just like the US… Read more »

Wayne Roberts

China at #4? Is this research dated?

Bill Barnett

Read the article. Liked the article.

Muneer Ahmed

highly doubtful claim/study

William Hudson

I believe it.

William Hudson

Makes you even more powerful to have some America backing you up though.


Yes, Britain and America back each other up. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Abhijeet Soni



hello, your country don’t have toilets to begin with. so , please, lol at yourself. LOL


There’s another Indian power cut. Lol.

Ahmed Gendovich

USA 1st , Russia 2nd

Joseph Harrison

Only in terms of raw military power, not in terms of power PROJECTION.

Michael South

Russia’s current military strength is overrated by many who take their information from what they see on TV, bombing of Assad’s enemies and bullying Ukraine does not make them a global power. These studies report the situation as it is now, I’ve no doubt that with Putin’s massive increase in military spending that future studies will find very different results. Interesting report.


lol bullshit propaganda

UK Defence Journal

Is it Jason? Silly us for thinking experts on the topic may know more than you do

Jason Mac Mcwilliam

yes silly you. And how do you know i’m not an expert!!!

David Stephen

If you where you would offer a constructive comment.

UK Defence Journal

So tell me Jason, have you read the studies linked to or is this just a useless comment? You’re evidently not an expert, why even ask that?

Jason Mac Mcwilliam

lol i thought this was a legitimate page-WHO ARE YOU? JUST A NAMELESS TROLL

Jason Mac Mcwilliam

It say’s impartial in the page description-nothing impartial about these comments are their?

David Stephen

You are quite clearly are not impartial. You should learn how to write.

UK Defence Journal

As I thought, you have not read the studies.

Pro tip: Opinions on a subject are more valuable when you’ve actually read the text presented or have some expertise in the area discussed.

It’s OK Jason, we won’t tell anyone you made a fool of yourself.

UK Defence Journal

We’re not impartial because we’re urging you to read the information you’re discussing? Incredible.

Jason Mac Mcwilliam

i have read the studies. i just don’t agree

UK Defence Journal

You’ve not though, have you? Can you tell me specifically which paragraph in which section you disagree most with and also what qualifications you hold that enable you to explore the topic in-depth?

Jason Mac Mcwilliam

i’ve also worn the uniform for 20yrs which is a little more VALUABLE than reading studies and number crunching.

UK Defence Journal

Erm, no. That doesn’t qualify you in international relations or geopolitical study, sorry.

UK Defence Journal

It’s OK Jason, we’re all entitled to make stupid comments once in a while.

Jason Mac Mcwilliam

and what are your qualifications? you sound a complete prick

UK Defence Journal

Ah personal abuse now, how predictable. You see Jason, the article links to three different studies performed in different countries by different organisations.

Do you really expect people to take the word of a foul mouthed internet troll like yourself over well regarded analytical organisations? Really?

Josie Ciano

Really? This is what I mean! The only person ignorant and foul mouthed is the editor ! He doesn’t agree and yes holding a uniform for 2p years does hold up to the fact that the “studies” done DO NOT MEAN they are true, Have you ever taken a class called statistics? Do you know how many biased “studies” are out there? Instead of being rude and defensive in YOUR comments why don’t you EXPLAIN TO US WHY THE UK is the 2nd and the only global power? Or have you actually read the article and links?? The article should… Read more »


Good thing Britain saved you from the Nazis, so you could sit there moaning about Britain.

David Stephen

Read the linked articals yourself. It is not up to the author to spoon fed you. God you are lazy and up yourself. Read the dam links then decide if you agree or not and if you dont then why moan at the person presenting the information? Surley it would make more sense to bitch and whine at the the bodies who produced the work not the guy who brought it to your attention. Ungratefull twat.

Jason Mac Mcwilliam

how can it be personal. i dont know who you are!! if its on facebook its true off coarse- history proves that whatever people believe isn’t necessarily the truth


That went well for you didn’t it you cunt.


propaganda comes from Russia!


As UKDJ the article! It’s an independent study, and not some vain glorious attempt to big up Britain. I find a lot of these trolling, negative comments seem to be from people from other countries, with colonial chips on their shoulders who refuse to believe what they have read. UK military, however much it has been cut, is still one of the most high calibre and professional in the World; this study doesn’t even mention SAS, SBS, SRR and the Parachute Regiment and Gurkhas. People seem to assume that China and Russia are military powers, though quantity doesn’t always… Read more »


American English and culture dominate the world, not English English (excuse the term) and British culture. The UK cannot do anything in NATO or the UN without the approval of the US and nobody takes the EU seriously. So, whatever soft power the UK has is subordinate to the US. My point is that the UK does not really have significant independent power.


The uk has a right to veto in the Un and is second in command in nato the us can’t stop us from doing stuff in nato if we want


The UK won’t use its veto in the UN because it doesn’t have the power. It’s a power that the UK is too frightened to exercise.
If you actually think that the UK can do anything in NATO without US approval, you are delusional. As far as Deputy Commander in NATO, so what? he can’t do anything without the Commander (US) approval.


No, that’s English you are attempting to write. English comes from this place called England.

The largest empire of all time was created by the British, and the whole of world history is still in a post British empire phase. Asia would still be in the medieval period if it wasn’t for contact with Britain.

You don’t have a point, your just upset that your country has never had an empire nor military success and never will.


There is something called American English and it dominates the world., Even you own academics recognize this. I remember something called the Treaty of Paris, do you. In case you don’t, the UK surrendered to the United States.

Common Wealth

The most widely spoken language globally & recognised trade language is English! This came about because of the British empire. We are responsible for you Americans and all your mistakes and July 4th was a big mistake 😉

David Stephen

It is not US culture that dominates your country. Cricket I believe is your biggest sport.


You must live in bizzaro world.

Gregory Wilmot

How can Australia be so high?It’s bullshit.


Its not that surprising. The UK has an advanced military even if it is small by international standards. Technology creates a distortion of value and the UK does have access to high tech weaponry. Small but packs a punch. What I suspect the UK lacks is the ability to maintain a high war tempo over a prolonged period. With the current reductions in personnel I fear our military is starting to lose its “depth”. At the moment with no carriers at sea our ability to project power is limited, but that will change soon. I do find our soft power… Read more »


I love the comment ……”Nye explained that with soft power, “the best propaganda is not propaganda”, further explaining that during the Information Age, “credibility is the scarcest resource”. Something Putin should learn maybe!


It’s al very well being highly placed on indices of soft and hard power, but the question remains when are we as a country going to start using these “powers” to provide a positive and fruitful outcome? I wouldn’t regard the debacles of Iraq and Afghanistan as good examples of where we’ve put our global powers to good effect, and as for Ukraine, we were about as much use as a chocolate fireguard in influencing the outcome of that invasion, weren’t we just? As for Syria, it seems we’re pretty ineffective there too, IMHO. Global power? We couldn’t organise a… Read more »

David Stephen

Your background is irelevant. I respect that you have served our country but that does not make your opinion any more valid than others who have not served. Most RAF pilots know exactly hee haw about naval matters or tank tactics. I cant stand this attitude of I served so know better. I dont need to kill someone to know its wrong.

Noah Boyle

Definitely the most influential country in history. They gave birth to America, Australia and countless colonies across the globe. It’s safe to say if anyone tries to mess with Great Britain, a swarm of angry cousins would battle to death for them.

Josie Ciano

British was not the only ones that “gave birth” to America. And no we, Americans, do not feel that British has any influence on us at all. We may have similar cultures but definitely don’t feel your influence. Im not being rude but just tired of British acting like they are the sole country on this planet. And no there are no angry cousins that would battle to death for you. It would depend on the circumstances and who it was. Every country means business and the well-being for their own country. Countries don’t revolve around the British. Don’t get… Read more »


You lost Vietnam, the only war you’ve ever fought alone. You’ve never had an empire and never will. Your history will forever be overshadowed by British history.

That’s why your so sore, and you know it.

Richard the Lion Brain

The global lingua franca stature of English is due more to America than to Britain and a lot of Britain’s soft power rests on the foundation of the English language. Sans the position of the English language, Britain would be less of a global player than France, Germany, Russia, China, Japan, India and perhaps even Saudi Arabia. Britain rides America’s coat-tails in the modern world. British soft-power is certainly a reality but please admit that it’s underpinned by American hard & soft power.

David Stephen

Wipe the rabid foam from your chin and start again. For an american to accuse the UK of having an ego is laughable. Winning a game of rounders against your neighbours then declaring yourself world champion, that is ego. You forget yourself. Britain did indeed birth america. British colonists went to that land and after a few generations rebelled against the crown because they did not want to pay taxes. Your country is young and so like a teenager you have to be the best at everything. Dont worry you will grow up eventually.


I do not know how they teach WW II in your country but in America. We get this distinct impression we saved your civilization from extinction. For extordinarly little seeming reward or gratitude. To men who had to cross an ocean to fight and die in cities and town whose names they did not know and often would not have cared to have known. All because of the cowardice Chamberlain and Daladier. Remember our war was in the Pacific. But because we had effectively given the U.K. so much war material through lend-lease we could not fortify the Philippines. Consigning… Read more »

Joseph Harrison

Well, the way you’ve been taught it is WRONG. By 1942, when the USA FINALLY joined the war effort, Germany was already bogged down in Russia and their offensive capabilities on the western front had been crippled by the RAF and RN. We were active across the world BEFORE AMERICA. We were fighting in Africa, Italy, the Pacific and Atlantic, and we were winning. So when you say that you saved us from extinction, that’s just arrogance speaking. At best, you made a valuable contribution.