The latest episode of the popular defence podcast discusses the fall of Afghanistan, the failures in the US and NATO responses and the implications for the future.

The podcast is typically hosted by @Osinttechnical@skywatcherintel@air_intel and @DefenceGeek.

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4 months ago

Interesting subject and one that will be debated by a lot of people across a number of countries for a long time. So what’s my take: I believe that the reasons for what is transpiring in Afghan is multifaceted and we cannot attribute blame in any one direction. There is a lot of misinformation and that is simply feeding the argument. 1)     The Taliban have been supported by those who wish to see the West but primarily the US fail in that camp we find: Russia, Iran, Pakistan ,China and of course political Islam 2)     Apathy: the world whilst recognising that certain… Read more »