The latest episode of the popular defence podcast covers Black Sea tensions, the crisis in Lebanon and the disaster unfolding in Afghanistan.

The podcast is hosted by @Osinttechnical@skywatcherintel@air_intel and @DefenceGeek.

The below links enable you to listen on Spotify or YouTube.

You can access previous episodes here or by visiting them on Twitter.

You can also visit our dedicated ‘The OSINT Bunker’ page here.


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Daft Lad
Daft Lad
3 months ago

Tensions in the “Baltic Sea” don’t you mean “The Black Sea”?

Daft Lad
Daft Lad
3 months ago

Ohhhhh yes they did! The bloke with the English accent says “Baltic Sea” in his intro’ around about two minutes in. It’s too early for panto’ season.