The panel discuss the risk of a Russia-Ukraine war in 2022, Iranian nuclear deal talks stalling again, Israel’s preparations to face a nuclear Iran, the UK Carrier Strike Group 22 announcement and the resurgence of terrorist groups in Iraq.

Featuring @DefenceGeek, @KyleJGlen, @air_intel and @Osinttechnical and a guest appearance from @IntelDoge.

You can access previous episodes here or by visiting them on Twitter.

You can also visit our dedicated ‘The OSINT Bunker’ page here.

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19 days ago

Lots of speculation on CSG 22, but nothing on the possibility of USS Ford’s maiden deployment in 2022. Perhaps if there’s anything known about that, it might be nice to hear it in the next podcast (unless the war has stared).

John Hartley
John Hartley
18 days ago

Perhaps its just me, but I think there is a gap in Western air power since the long legged F-111 retired. Lets face it, the USA will not export B-2 or B-21 even to its closest allies. In 1995, a big wing version of the F-15E was proposed, with a projected combat radius 10% greater than the F-111. This would have been ideal for Australia, Israel, Japan, etc. It could even been a great Tornado GR4 replacement for the RAF. As the F-15 is still in production in its EX form, you could create a version incorporating big wing for… Read more »

17 days ago
Reply to  John Hartley

I agree that is an issue, but i think the crucial point should be missile range.