HMS Duncan and HMS Dragon linked up on security patrols in the eastern Mediterranean, say the Royal Navy.

“Dragon is due back in Portsmouth soon after the most successful drugs-busting patrol by any British warship in the Middle East. Meanwhile Duncan – the youngest of six Type 45 destroyers built to shield the fleet from aircraft and missile attacks – has just sailed from Portsmouth for a six-month stint in the Mediterranean region.”

After a pit-stop in Gibraltar, Duncan has joined an international task group of France’s flagship FS Charles de Gaulle and her key deployment of the year.

It is Duncan’s task to safeguard the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier and work seamlessly with her Rafale fast jets – an experience which will prove invaluable in 12 months’ time when Britain’s new carrier, HMS Queen Elizabeth, leads strike group exercises with her flagships and their F-35 Lightning strike fighters, say the Royal Navy in a release.

“It was a great moment seeing the familiar shape of a fellow Type 45 steaming over the horizon and then receiving such a warm welcome from the entire ship’s company of HMS Duncan,” said Commander Mike Carter Quinn, HMS Dragon’s Commanding Officer.

“It is superb to see her back out on operations in the eastern Mediterranean. For the Royal Navy to have two destroyers hard at work on operations – in addition to all the other British ships and units deployed around the world – it sends a powerful message about our commitment to maintaining maritime security and stability around the globe.”

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Lusty mentioned this last night and I’d hoped for a photo!


Great ships. Looking forward to their getting Aster 30 Block 1NT, Harpoon Block II and their Wildcats getting Sea Venom and Sea Martlet.

I’d hope / expect that all 6 will receive an ASM rather than just 4!

as long as the m.o.d don’t do their usual mucking around and wasting time

NOTE TO THE USN when major ships like these rendezvous, the royal navy doesn’t collide them.

Yes doubling as anti ballistic missile platforms will be a real asset to UK national defence.


And replace each ASTER 15 with 4 x Sea Ceptors for a much greater load out!


It will be a sight when the QE stands to sea with a proper escort group. Really look forward to the photos.


Me too !

and not with the modest number of aircraft on board, not as the m.o.d say a ‘modest’ air wing.if they go anywhere without a ‘full load’ why have them/


Fascinating why they would want to put an image of my ex-wife on the bow?

They should start coming in soon for their PIP/Generator refits?

Tim uk

What is the electronic warfare capability of those radars ?

I’m guessing they could do some serious damage to incoming missiles and aircraft?

Without giving too much away, the ships radars when operating in peacetime, transmit a “training/peacetime” waveform and at significantly reduced power. Even when operating at half power both the Sampson and S1850M have a range over 200 miles which is near to the max performance of the T23s Artisan radar. The Sampson is a dual AESA radar and has two arrays fitted back to back. The S1850M is an uber long range single array PESA radar. The Dutch are just upgrading theirs to the SMART-L Mk2 which nearly doubles the range, specifically to allow their ships to detect and track… Read more »


The radar itself can act as a weapon.

I recall reading of cars failing in the vicinity of Fylingdales but never appreciated the power of some radar to cause so much trouble to an aircraft…


Does this mean you can shoot down an AShM with the radar?

Possibly, it depends on how well its shielded and what type of filter it has on its own radar.


Never understood why we put so much money into designing and developing sampson and then didn’t put it on the carriers, which would the tallest ships in any task force or the upcoming frigates.

Meirion X

The carriers most likely not be able to get under the Forth Bridge from Rosyth?

maybe the laser system could ork along the same principle


Radar theory… It just brought back all those years sat in Collingrad as a baby tiff

tiff? oh, you poor soul


Its not just aircraft.
GRP ships had an issue when close to SPY1 radars . The radar literally switched off the ships systems …engines, electronics, everything totally dead. Only when the Tico had moved out of range where the systems able to be brought back up .
That issue has now been corrected I should add!

1/3rd of the RN’s destroyer force ……

captain P Wash

I saw all 6 9 might have been 5 ?) in Portsmouth a few years ago. got a few Pics somewhere. Got “Investigated” whilst taking the Pics.


Me too! I was onboard the ferry to Saint-Malo. There was also a Khareef class corvette alongside.


Just checked, it was late August 2013.

Captain P Wash

Yup, That’s what my Picture History shows.

Yes I remember that too. 5 out of 6 were in. Curious why the MDP checked you considering they have pleasure cruises around the harbour with the ships in sight!

Be careful taking photos in Portsmouth.

We all know the Navy’s secret weapon, HMS Gosport Ferry, soon to be fitted with 19.1 inch naval cannons*, painted grey and augmented with the addition of marines and a flight deck under the orders of Gav’ is based there.

* 19.1 inch just so we can get one up on our Japanese colleagues for those who know their battleship history.

will they call it a type 31 frigate? or move on to the birkenhead ferry?

Nick C

Actually there is a monitor in the historic dockyard, it’s quite small but with two 6” guns. I think she was built in the 1st WW, and somehow has survived. Last time I visited with various nephews and nieces she wasn’t open to visitors, I don’t think that they had started to refit her and set her up for the visitors. Great shame that we didn’t keep one battleship as a museum piece, the old Warspite had more battle honours than any, from Jutland through to DDay. I also flew a light plane over Portsmouth harbour in 2016, and all… Read more »

Captain P Wash

Yes, She was recently Painted and lightly Restored too.

Agreed, We really should have kept Warspite. It’s a complete Travesty that almost the Entire history of Britain’s maritime Heritage has been resigned to the Scrap Heap.

Couple of decades ago i met the bloke who Scrapped HMS Ark Royal. Wanted to just punch His Lights out.

maybe they should have kept victorious on the mud next to spice island where it got stuck. being towed out for scrapping, never understood why it was that hms bristol was retained as a museum ship when illustrious,invincible or hermes could have been used.

@RGR – USS Iowa? I know there’s a few pics of her online in Portsmouth.

Does anyone here know if a next generation Sampson radar is under development somewhere? We seemed to take a world lead with Sampson but other radars are now appearing that seem to challenge it. What will we put on our next gen destroyer? Have we got people maintaining our advantage on radar development, or will we now just rely on buying foreign like with most other things?

The short answer is yes. Sampson is continually improving as its a fully digital AESA radar. As the development of signal processing improves so will the radar’s capabilities. One of the next development of radars on land will use passive radar techniques. This is where a ground station monitors a large spectrum of emitters from mobile phones masts, microwave data links, digital broadcast signals etc. It will put them all together and look for signal discrepancies and doppler shifts created by moving targets. The problem is it can only really work in the azimuth plane as it wont be able… Read more »

Good to know, and very detailed info thanks.

never understood a word of that, i was A STOKER.


I would love to see a land attack missile on the T45. Now that Tomahawk is going out of production, that leaves the Israeli Trigon, a naval version of the Extra rocket. 306mm, 150 km range, 2×4 angled launchers. Wonder if we could squeeze them in next to the Phalanx?

Meiron X

JohnHartley# Wrong priority! Type-45 destroyers are specialist air or missile defence warships.
Would need Mk. 41 system installed.
Better put money into a more capable Type 31 frigate.

Meiron X

I mean, Mk. 41 system to launch Tomahawk cruise missile.
Trigon’s are launched from corvettes.


Adding Tomahawk to the surface fleet would be a pointless optics thing but provide no increase in capability, due to the lack of tomahawk missile numbers meaning there isn’t enough to go around.

The money is better spent else where.

Captain P Wash

The New Brazilian Corvette looks to be a fair old bit of kit. just been reading up on It over on Janes site.

Captain P Wash

Yes Steve, Time will tell. But the Specs are looking pretty good in comparison to Others, Apart from the Offensive Suite which once again looks to have been ignored or demoted by the number crunchers.

As you rightly point out and as many others have also.