An initial phase of enhancements to ensure that the RAF Typhoon fleet is ready to take on the role currently performed by Tornado aircraft has entered the Operational Evaluation stage.

Phase 1 Enhancements Further Work (P1Eb FW) is an evolution of the current Tranche 2 Typhoon aircraft in service with the UK. The P1Eb standard Typhoons entered service last year.

P1Eb FW is the first part of the UK’s Project CENTURION, the package of enhancements which aims to deliver a seamless transition of capability from Tornado to Typhoon by the end of 2018.

The upgrades will bring numerous new capabilities, including additional Human-Machine Interface technologies and additions to the aircraft’s Air to Surface targeting capability.

P1Eb FW has successfully undergone trial installation and Operational Evaluation with 41 Squadron, the Royal Air Force’s Test and Evaluation Squadron at RAF Coningsby, is now underway.

Flt Lt Luke Gili-Ross, from the RAF’s 41 (R) Squadron (TES), said:

“The integration of P1Eb FW is an important and necessary incremental step towards Phase 2 Enhancements (P2E) for the aircraft. On the surface, P1Eb Further Work appears to deliver quite small improvements, but for the operator they may be significant in terms of the aircraft’s continued effectiveness.”

Paul Ascroft, Technical Manager for the P1E and P3E capability, and overall BAE Systems Technical Lead for Project CENTURION, said:

“The achievement of the delivery of P1Eb FW capability is an important milestone. Working with 41 Squadron, we are now undergoing Operational Evaluation and this is progressing well. The work is providing lessons learnt for the forthcoming packages, while achieving the first step on the journey and setting the standard of how the RAF and industry can work effectively together.”

The next and final upgrades deliver P3E which includes the final integration of Storm Shadow and Meteor capabilities, as well as the introduction of the Brimstone 2 close air support Air to Surface capability.

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Rob Collinson
Rob Collinson
4 years ago

I think that, for non-RAF personnel it would be good if the various levels of enhancements were to be explained a little more, and if the move from Tornado to Typhoon were to be explained a bit more.

What are the enhancements of Tranche 2 over Tranche 1 and then:
– P1Eb
– P2E
– P3E