American nuclear submarine USS Greeneville recently worked with a British aircraft near the Falkland Islands in the South Atlantic.

The U.S Navy say that this “demonstrates the global reach of both nations’ forces”.

“A United Kingdom aircraft from the British Independent Overseas Territory (BIOT) Falklands Islands recently collaborated with USS Greeneville (SSN 772) in the South Atlantic open ocean, demonstrating the global reach of both nations’ forces.”

The USS Greeneville is a Los Angeles class nuclear submarine.

“Our Undersea Forces rely on alliances and partnerships to deter maritime aggression, defend our national interests, and dominate the undersea domain,” said Vice Adm. Daryl Caudle, Commander, Submarine Forces.

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A nice show of US/UK alliance as the Argentine economy continues to crumble.

Barry Larking

Argentina has an economy?


Lively expression of the sad state of US education

Andy P

The vagueness on what the ‘aircraft’ was makes me wonder if it was a paraffin parrot rather than a P8 or the like.

john melling

Perhaps one of the kids flew a kite over ;P

Levi Goldsteinberg

Could’ve been a helicopter resupplying the sub even


Christmas presents delivery to the submarine?

Supportive Bloke

Hmme a P8 to counter the massive Argentinian submarine force?

Waste of resources, that.

Be cheaper to get a couple of guys to go touristically with an iPhone and make sure the subs are still quietly rusting in harbour.

Although it does bear repeating that we sent five nuclear subs for Corporate.

4th watch

Quite clearly the Falklands being at the gateway from the South Atlantic to the Pacific is in a key strategic location. Nuclear subs are no respecter of sea boundaries.

Supportive Bloke

True enough.


May be they want to counter the massive submarine force of another country operating there.

Mark B

This might simply be the new US administration taking every opportunity to show solidarity with its allies


These deployments are planned many months in advance so highly unlikely.

Mark B

Oh I am sure it was. Cooperation between allies has been continuing regardless of who is in the While House. However perhaps the military feel free to mention it without fear of anyone having a tantrum.


Argie government must be seething, I can hear the complaint heading to the UN now, for illegally operating in Las Malvinas waters without permission


That’s sounds odd

Daniele Mandelli

Voyager, Typhoon, Atlas.

You’d guess it was the Atlas, I believe that carries out SAR / MPA role in BFSAI?


I’s surprised that the US would want this type of picture taken, as it indicates taking sides which will annoy Argentina.

Supportive Bloke

It is more to send a message somewhere: that there is a capability and cooperation in place.

It also makes a lot more sense and leverages the British infrastructure on the Falklands.

4th watch

Its a warning to Argentina not to flirt with China or ultimately they might have to contend with the USA. I think that is the intention.


Or Russia!!


Suggest that a vaccine drop was the order of the day. As 3000 doses to the island that has only had 5 cases of COVID to be strange