The UK is “committed to holding Russia to account for its aggression and destabilising behaviour” according to a Government Minister.

Lord West of Spithead asked via a written question:

“To ask Her Majesty’s Government what assessment they have made of the likelihood that tensions between Russia and NATO will lead to military confrontation; what plans they have put in place to deal with such a scenario; and whether such plans include (1) re-establishing military to military dialogue, (2) establishing stabilising measures in contact zones in the (a) High North, (b) Black Sea, and (c) Baltic Sea, regions, and (3) codifying confidence-building measures in border areas.”

Baroness Goldie, Minister of State for the Ministry of Defence, responded:

“The UK is committed to holding Russia to account for its aggression and destabilising behaviour, collectively with our Allies and partners. We can only have a different relationship with Russia if it changes its behaviour in line with the rules based international system.

The UK and NATO continuously track and assess hostile state activity. NATO has a range of crisis management mechanisms and contingency plans in the event of military confrontation with Russia. These are supported by the UK as a core member of the Alliance. For the purposes of transparency and in order to reduce the risk of miscalculation, the UK engages Russia through diplomatic and military channels, and supports conflict resolution and confidence-building measures through the OSCE. NATO also has channels in place, both military and civilian, for the purposes of risk reduction.

UK and NATO military activity in the High North, Baltic, and Black Sea regions is conducted in a safe and professional manner in accordance with international law and United Nation Convention on the Laws of the Sea (UNCLOS). A bilateral Incidents at Sea Treaty promotes practical mechanisms to reduce risk during interactions between UK and Russian units.”

British aircraft conducts surveillance of Russian territory

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George Royce

I think we’re going to need a few more destroyers and frigates to do that.


That’s good since creepy old dementia Joe has never had any guts to stand up to anything.


I’m sure Biden will do a lot more than trumpski dan , especially during a Russian cyber attack when trump went into denial that it was the Russians ,said nothing and berried his head in the sand, as I said before you Trumpski supporters have a hard time with reality and facts lol.

Meirion X

Under PONTUS Sleepy Don, he has allowed rUSSia to conduct a massive Cyber attack against the Institutions of the USA.


Firstly, your selective capitalisation of the letters in ‘Russia’ to equate it to the former, now defunct, USSR is quite humorous given the incessant need of most ‘anti-Trumpers’ to defend China at every turn, the only real communist state currently posing any threat to Britain or the US. Secondly, the main advantage of cyberwarfare is the damage you can cause, with utter anonymity. I can create a virus, set the meta-data of something to say it’s from somewhere inside of Russia, perhaps use a trust certificate of some Russian based software company. And I can have the guarantee that at… Read more »

Last edited 2 months ago by ben

“… holding Russia to account for its aggression and destabilising behaviour … Why does Russia behave this way? What is the collective thoughts of Russian philosophy? What is Putins impulse and aspirations? Is it purely power and money based on a hatred of the west and a desire to Make Russia Great Again? It would be beneficial if the UKDJ could offer an insight to these questions through an article that offers an honest analysis of him. I was born in the late 50’s and grew up during the Cold War and feel that I have lived under the Russian… Read more »


What makes you think Putin hates the west?

Look on YouTube, there are many interviews with Putin that have English translation, maybe a good starting point for you questions


lol Yes because youtube is a great sources of impartial news :(, who are you trying to kid Ulya , putin has admitted that his aggressive actions were due to NATO expanding to the east , and for some strange reason Putin thinks Russia has a right to still control former Soviets states, he does not !!! if they want to join NATO they have the right, as independent nations.