Ultra has announced a contract award to commence work on the key Variable Depth Sonar (VDS) system for the Canadian Surface Combatant (CSC) programme – named the Towed Low Frequency Active Sonar (TLFAS).

This subcontract moves the development of CSC’s anti-submarine warfare (ASW) capability from the programme definition phase into the full manufacture and delivery of the vessels suite of sonars.

“The TLFAS is a world-class towed sonar solution, optimized for the detection and tracking of stealthy submarines in challenging ocean environments. When delivered it will represent a step-change in Canada’s anti-submarine warfare assets and will provide a level of sonar capability never before enjoyed by the Royal Canadian Navy. The TLFAS system is fully designed and manufactured by Ultra in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Its design also includes components built by other Canadian companies, such that the industrial benefit of this system selection is spread across multiple Provinces. The selection of this system for CSC therefore means that Canadian industrial content is maximized in the delivery of the initial systems, and that the skillsets and facilities required to maintain the system through its operational life are also resident in Canada. More broadly, Ultra is proud that its work on the CSC program is proving to be an important vector for growth of Canadian jobs, innovation and investment.

In the two years since having been originally awarded program definition studies for CSC, working in close partnership with Lockheed Martin Canada and Irving Shipbuilding Inc., Ultra’s Canadian team has grown by over 150 employees, with another 80 high-tech roles expected to be made available in 2021 alone.”

Bernard Mills, President of Ultra Maritime Sonar Systems commented:

“Ultra recognizes our responsibility to provide, through CSC, the highest possible level of ASW capability to the Royal Canadian Navy. We are therefore immensely proud of this contract award, especially because it is grounded in Canadian innovation and ingenuity, and because it will be an enduring driver of both operational capability and national industrial benefit.

Most importantly, this is not just a success for Ultra but is one for the entire CSC enterprise, and I want to thank our strong partners in Lockheed Martin Canada, Irving Shipbuilding Inc., and all our peers on the CSC team who are as dedicated as we are to the delivery of a world-class naval capability to Canada, built by Canadians.”

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Captain P Wash
Captain P Wash
8 months ago
Reply to  AlexS

Spoil Sport……

8 months ago
Reply to  Captain P Wash

I am naughty boy 🙂

Supportive Bloke
Supportive Bloke
8 months ago

Let’s be honest this is actually UK developed tech being manufactured / modified in Canada.

So another great export job being done along with the T26 design.

Assuming the Canadians ever sort out a budget to start building them…….but that, as they say, is another story.