US Navy Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral John Richardson, announced the establishment of US 2nd Fleet last week.

It is understood that the Second Fleet will exercise operational and administrative authorities over assigned ships, aircraft and landing forces on the East Coast and northern Atlantic Ocean. Additionally, it will plan and conduct maritime, joint and combined operations and will train, certify and provide maritime forces to respond to global contingencies.

“Our National Defense Strategy makes clear that we’re back in an era of great power competition as the security environment continues to grow more challenging and complex,” said Richardson.

“That’s why today, we’re standing up Second Fleet to address these changes, particularly in the north Atlantic.”

According to the US Navy, the Second Fleet is scheduled to resume operations officially on the 1st of July 2018, initially with a staff of 15 personnel (11 officers and four enlisted personnel), although plans call for its work force to expand to 256 (85 officers, 164 enlisted personnel, and seven civilians).


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Nigel Collins

HMG will most probably see this as yet another excuse to wield the axe rather than increase our defence budget to counter any potential threats to our shores.

Lets just keep on giving the money away!


Please see the Oral evidence: National Security Capability Review, HC 556, comments made by General Sir Richard Barrons KCB CBE (Rtd), Former Commander, Joint Forces Command; Air Marshal Sir Baz North KCB OBE (Rtd), Former Deputy Commander-in-Chief Personnel, Air Command; and Admiral Sir George Zambellas GCB DSC DL, Former First Sea Lord and Chief of the Naval Staff, Sir Mark Lyall Grant, Former National Security Adviser. The gist of the comments made by the General, Air Marshall and First Sea Lord is that our military is broken and hollowed out, a hologram of ambition and deliverance. FINALLY, some of… Read more »

Nick C

At least it appears that the US is starting to take Russia more seriously. However there is a world of difference between establishing a Fleet HQ staff, who can only talk to each other, and actually giving them a fleet to use on behalf of NATO. The proof of this pudding will be when they can actually put task groups to sea, and I reckon that the US has its own shortages of ships and people.


The concept of operations for 2nd Fleet may be similar to what is going on in the 3rd Fleet (West Coast) AOR. They used to pass control of their deployed ships to the 7th when they entered that AOR in the Far East. Now they are maintaining control of those assets even in the 7th’s region. I think the 2nd may do so as well as opposed to handing over to STANAVFOREUR or the 6th… Better C&Cand gives those stateside staffs good operations and sustainment experience.


Oh yes they really do struggle !

Mr J Bell

Cut the flipping foreign aid budget by 50% FFS and put that money into defence. That will be a much needed 7.5billion a year.
Enough to purchase yearly:
1 astute class sub
1 type 26 frigate
24 F35B
36 Apache Es
And employ 2000 more sailors, 2000 more airmen and 3000 more soldiers.
No brainer.


Mr Bell, I’m sure they would just use it to try and drop a penny of an income tax bracket instead.

Andy G

Bloddy hell, what a stupid plan.
Why is it one or the other ffs, change the bloody record.


Because the premise of Government is for your citizens not the citizens of another country. Who more often than not ruined their own countries by allowing dictators and oligarchs to maintain power. The Tax is by its very nature of existence meant to benefit the population being taxed and maintain the Government’s ability to discharge it’s responsibility. On that note when people say “soft power” what they mean is calling me sucker hurts my feelings. The only ways in which they are different to someone who keeps giving money to a dissolute brother-in-law is they aren’t related to the recipient… Read more »

Mr J Bell

Andy I was being deliberately provocative but proving a point on just how much of UK tax payers money currently is going abroad with little to no oversight or clear benefit. The current predicted foreign aid budget for this financial year is nearly £15 billion. That is a huge chunk of money. Providing a list of what you could do with half of that money remaining within the UK is just to shed some light on the issue. Instead of purchasing military equipment with 50% of the foreign aid budget you could also. Build 1000 miles of motorway Or 6… Read more »


So how come France has military forces/assets are nearly twice the size of ours but on 2/3rds of the budget ?