The Nimitz class aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln has arrived in Palma de Mallorca, Spain.

There has been no mention of Magaluf, which is probably for the best.

According to the US Navy, the visit marks the first liberty port call for Abraham Lincoln Sailors since departing Norfolk, April 1st, and the first visit of a US Navy aircraft carrier in Palma de Mallorca since the Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS Harry S. Truman arrived in 2014.

“I am looking forward to pulling into Palma because this is the first port for Abraham Lincoln in about seven years,” Capt. Putnam H. Browne, commanding officer of Abraham Lincoln, said in a press statement.

“It will be a nice time for all Sailors, especially those who have never pulled into port before. I am excited to experience Palma with them and engage with our Spanish navy partners. We’re so grateful to the city for hosting us here.”

“I am excited to continue working alongside our Spanish allies and experience more of their culture while in Palma,” said Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician 3rd Class John Garnett, a Sailor attached to Abraham Lincoln.

While in Palma de Mallorca, Sailors will volunteer at a local food bank and participate in sporting competitions with troops from the Spanish army. Sailors will also immerse themselves in Spanish culture by taking tours of the region and experiencing local scenery and establishments.

The Abraham Lincoln is deployed as part of an ongoing rotation of forward-deployed forces in support of maritime security cooperation efforts in the US 5th, US 6th and US 7th Fleet areas of operation.

With Abraham Lincoln as the flagship, deployed strike group assets include staffs, ships and aircraft of Carrier Strike Group 12, Destroyer Squadron 2, Ticonderoga-class guided-missile cruiser USS Leyte Gulf and Carrier Air Wing 7; as well as Spanish Alvaro de Bazan class frigate ESPS Méndez Núñez.

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I have stopped there a few times on RN ships its a good run ashore.
The crew if they have any sense will be straight in a Taxi to “Megalaff”.
It will be very, very messy for the crew and very very busy for the shore patrol.


Do not understand why many believe, for some reason, every time U.S. Navy and Marine Corps personnel enjoy liberty with their British counterparts, fights ensue. Spent many years in the U.S. Navy and interacted with British Sailors and Marines all over Asia, especially in Hong Kong. Partied with them and drank a lot of “Tiger Beer” with them. Can never remember anyone fighting. Perhaps it’s different in the Med.


I was based in HK for 3 years prior to the hand over and never had issues and on most runs have never fought with our colonial cousins. However Megalaff will be messy…the club and bar scene there is legendary. There will be lots and lots of pished up matelots


Dont the Spanish get upset with nuclear subs in Gib but are happy to take 5000 cashed up USN crew… Despite the large N powered tour bus that delivered them… Or have I got that wrong

Nick C

Pete, you have it all wrong. There are only 100 or so on a British nuclear boat, and they will spend most of their money on the Rock rather than in La Linea. Whereas a US carrier has 5k on board, all well paid and thirsty, and therefore it becomes very advantageous to the local economy. Also a reactor accident in Majorca would be merely unfortunate, while one in Gib would of course be a major international incident!


Ahhh sorry…. Forgot tbat the 5000 would absorb any radiation leaks and therefore shield the locals…. Duh

andy reeves

I MUST HAVE BEEN ON +50 RUNS ASHORE in gib OVER MY TIME IN THE r.n not once did i even think of going over into spain. the rock is a one in a million kind of place i’ve never understood why we british spend millions every year to sample the weird weird country of spain if people had more sense they’d drop in on gib and experience england with monkeys!

Nick C

No doubt you remember the Donkeys Flip Flop? Fallen over in Main St a couple of times!


Never went to see the Donkey show in La linea… ? You didnt miss much!
Gib is nothing like it used to be . Most of the legendary bars only open when a ship is in. Its a different place with different priorities now and those priorities are not matelots falling over outside bars


Not just a reactor incident. There are “specials” too 🙂

andy reeves



Think the main issue the Spanish have isn’t necessarily the nuclear nature of the propulsion but that its being docked in territory they feel should be their’s and isn’t. Whereas clearly Palma de Mallorca isn’t an American territory claimed by Spain.

So the situations are completely different and not hypocrisy really.

For note I 100% think the rock should remain British (as the population wish it so).

Mark Wallace

I arrive in Mallorca on Saturday, will look out for the CVN as we land. I guess the Cousins will keep close to port so I’ll be safe on the north coast.

Delta Lima

Walking around Palma today you could spot the US sailors miles away! I approached one and asked how long he was in Palma for with ship. He was surprised how.i know he was sailor and advised that he and his colleagues shouldn’t all walk around in groups of 3 wearing the same tactical day sacks….