Several drones carrying explosives have been used in an attempt to attack Venezuela President Maduro and other government officials.

It occurred during the middle of a speech he was giving commemorating the Bolivarian National Guard’s 81st anniversary.

Maduro and his wife, who was standing next to him, were unharmed. However seven national guard officers involved in the parade were injured and treated in hospital.

After the explosions, bodyguards immediately protected Maduro with ballistic shields and the broadcast was cut according to local media.

Later in the day, unofficial reports from officials and statements from firefighters from the scene claimed that a gas tank located in a building had exploded during the rally. The explosion caught part of the building on fire and had to be put out.

In a televised address to the nation two hours after the incident, Maduro stated that an investigation had been opened immediately and a number of those connected to the attack had been apprehended and charged.

He also laid blame on extreme right-wing elements in his own country acting together with extreme right-wing elements in neighbouring Colombia, and specifically named President Juan Manuel Santos as being behind it. A spokesperson for Santos promptly denied the accusations.

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Bloke down the pub
Bloke down the pub (@guest_426838)
2 years ago

Until I see some independent evidence, I remain sceptical. This guy is,after all, delusional.

SoleSurvivor (@guest_426843)
2 years ago

Is that not evidence in the picture?

That women on the left looks like she has just clocked a swarm of drones closing in ?

DaveyB (@guest_426840)
2 years ago

I had wondered how long it would take to weaponise a “toy” drone. This type of attack would be very difficult to stop and would probably need some RF jammer to block the controller. Does read like a spy spoof though!

reaper (@guest_426847)
2 years ago

Ah blame it on the Right. If that fails, blame Russia/Trump. SOPs for any world politician.

David steeper
David steeper (@guest_426931)
2 years ago
Reply to  reaper

Don’t think there’s much chance of him blaming Putin !

Jonathan (@guest_426889)
2 years ago

It’s more the method than the motive which is interesting. Drones are more and more becoming a tool of choice for more and more criminal groups.

One has to wonder when the first terrorist use will occur ( not counting this one as a terror attack as it was focused against one individual).

David E Flandry
David E Flandry (@guest_426898)
2 years ago

How convenient, a drone attack just when Maduro needs an excuse to crack more on the few freedoms left.

geoff (@guest_426912)
2 years ago

Maduro survives drone attack.


David Steeper
David Steeper (@guest_426932)
2 years ago
Reply to  geoff

Seconded. But my hope is that the people of Venezuela find him hiding in a sewer pipe. A La Gaddafi. After all that’s where you normally find ….

SoleSurvivor (@guest_426936)
2 years ago
Reply to  David Steeper

Do you both wish the same for the Islamic absolute monarchy’s of our Middle Eastern allies? Who are theocratic, authoritarian, and still conduct medieval punishments, not allowed women in sports stadiums, women are still “owned” by a guardian, no allowed to wear make up, not even allowed to try on clothes in shops.

If you had any integrity you would now confirm that you want to find the Saudi Royal family lying in a sewer pipe.

maurice10 (@guest_426926)
2 years ago

The minute I set eyes on a drone, my immediate thought was terrorism! If ever there was a delivery system for evil this was it. Yet, when I made these feeling known I was met with a cry of, ‘Doom Merchant.’ In the initial years, a number of acquaintances bought them, and there appeared to be no concern expressed by the authorities, in regards to their potential lethality? Today, thousands are flying around the World and only recently, have measures been put in place to restrict their height and field of operation under appropriate licensing. Why do we take so… Read more »