Russia’s Ministry of Defence have released a video showing an Su-30SM “intercepting” an American MQ-9 Reaper drone over Syria.

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Ian Petrie

Don’t the drones have any proximity devices like air to air radar or a secondary camera to look around themselves?

Sam Lee

I thinik they have air-to-air radar but seen as they carry air to ground ordanace, its not a priority. Swerving away would only provoke the russians to shoot it down.


The Russians wouldnt shoot down a drone, that could escalate things in a very bad way

Ian Petrie

I wasn’t sure if they just relied on an AWACS for that information.

Sam Lee

i’m not an expert on these things so i’m afraid i don’t know-awacs would have to be pretty close to the area anyway-likely to have also been picked up (perhaps over friendly territory) by russian radar.


The AWACS platforms which the US use have an incredible detection range and is designed to detect targets while far away from any threat.

Joey Boenke


UK Defence Journal


Sam P

I think he meant where’s the analysis, commentry, take in how this affects/developes the air situation over syria? The articles posted recently have been abit lacking in this regard.

Andy Christie

The Russians are the dicks of the world.