Royal Air Force Typhoons have carried out airstrikes against Islamic State held cave systems in Iraq using Paveway IV precision guided bombs, you can watch the strike below.

The strikes occurred following a coalition surveillance aircraft located a number of Daesh fighters in two caves ten miles north of Bayji on Sunday 24th of January. Two RAF Typhoon aircraft were tasked to strike the caves. The Typhoons launched four Paveway IV guided bombs and successfully struck their targets, eliminating the terrorist threat.

The Ministry of Defence said:

“Our aircraft conducted a careful check of the area around the caves, which were a mile and a half apart, for any signs of civilians who might be at risk, before conducting simultaneous attacks, using two Paveway IV guided bombs against each group. All four of the bombs struck their targets accurately and the strike was assessed to have been a success in eliminating the terrorist threat.”

The MoD also say that UK Armed Forces continue to “provide a significant contribution to the global coalition ensuring the Daesh terrorist group does not become resurgent in Syria and Iraq, with Royal Air Force aircraft flying daily armed reconnaissance patrols”.

Discussing a previous strike, the MoD said:

“On Tuesday 6 October, a small group of Daesh extremists attacked Iraqi security forces in the desert of Anbar province, west of Baghdad. A coalition air strike provided immediate support to the Iraqi troops, and succeeded in destroying half the attacking Daesh group. An RAF Reaper was then tasked to deal with the remaining terrorists.

The crew of the Reaper successfully located them, and at an appropriate moment, with no sign of a strike posing any risks to friendly forces or any civilians, conducted a carefully planned attack with a GBU-12 guided bomb. The Iraqi forces subsequently reported that the threat had been eliminated.”


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Crikey, I hope no one gets too upset on this site seeing all this sort of stuff…….. Cue the Usual Trolls !

John Clark

Excellent, I do hope they were our UK exported terrorists, something both satisfying and very fitting about putting our own house in order in this rather forthright fashion….

These absolutely vile and detestable individuals, ‘totally’ deserve malleting with Paveway….

Daniele Mandelli

Jihadi John style. Beheads people and got his comeuppance. That was a fantastic operation by UK and US forces and I recall JC was complaining he should have been arrested. In some situations that is not possible.

I guess here the more interesting part for me is who is on the ground spotting these places.


Exterminating cockroaches…..keep it up, well done.

Bobby Dazzlers

Boom Baby!


Great to see. I think we’ll be hunting these for some time to come. Take a few of their mates down too hopefully


Our aircraft conducted a careful check of the area around the caves, which were a mile and a half apart, for any signs of civilians who might be at risk
Well I guess Daesh knows how to prevent future attacks.


That’s why we have Brimstone!