WATCH: British troops land in Greece to take part in NATO exercise Noble Jump


Footage shows British troops from the 20th Armoured Infantry Brigade and the 11th Infantry Brigade departing the UK and arriving in Greece for a NATO exercise.

Greek Armed forces contributed along with the local police and authorities ensuring the safety and smooth disembarkation of the UK military vehicles and trucks.

Forces from a number of NATO countries will deploy a significant number of soldiers, vehicles and helicopters to Romania from May the 30th to June the 22nd to test the Very High Readiness Joint Task Force (VJTF) concept.

Exercise Noble Jump 17 is a logistical challenge that will test the ability of all the participants to deliver a fighting force to wherever it is needed.

The movements will all be controlled by NATO’s Multi-National Division South East HQ, based in Bucharest. The VJTF is kept on short notice to move and is able to deploy a powerful well-trained force within days. This year, it is being led by the UK’s 20 Armoured Brigade.

Overseeing the VJTF’s training at Cincu will be a combination of Joint Force Command Naples, Multi-National division South East and the Allied Rapid Reaction Corps.


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