An RAF Reaper attacks Islamic State boat loaded with hundreds of mortar and rocket rounds.

On 16 October 2014, the MOD announced the deployment of armed Reapers in Operation Shader, the UK’s contribution to the United States-led military intervention against Islamic State, the first occasion the UK used its Reapers outside Afghanistan.

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Bob Abson

and now Isil have a submarine…..

Howie Elliott

great…the sooner they are wiped out the better the world will be….

Brian Trueman

Where did it go haha no debris pmsfl awsome shot.

Mark Burdis

Insert daily express reader comment about “bombing refugee boats next”

Michael Higgins

1 boat!! While Putin takes out Hq’s

Rener Pelayo

Good job RAF

Colin Ross


Matty Southworth

I dont like the idea of being able to kill people without being in any danger yourself, it just doesnt seem right, then again it is islamic state…

Mal Sutcliffe

At the same time… why risk good men and women for ISIL/Daesh scum 😉

Jason Owens

You have been volunteered for the newest regiment in the British Army, the 5th Disgusting Fusileers.

Following similar comments on social media they will follow tactics in battle dating back to the 18 century, wear red tunics and form close line in battle, whilst forming squares to deal with cavalry (a tactic that should also work against the modern equivalent, the main battle tank).

What a bizarre attitude.

Matty Southworth

Not that bizarre really, killing people at the press of a button in a warm office, thats not warfare, its just murder, however isis are horrible cold blooded murderers so sod em

Adrian Higgs

I see it the same as Matt you shouldn’t be able to take a life without risking your own. It takes no skill to use a drone, but soldier against soldier the best soldier wins

No it’s not murder.

James Staffordson

Bunch of fucking idiots.. Try putting your own life on the line first.

Chris Morgan

If these civvies who have no concept of what is like being in the military could shut the fuck up.. That’d be great

Matty Southworth

Dont join the fucking military then you fucking nonce

Chris Morgan

It’s been great for me, although I will be a civilian soon thank you.. my bible bashing chum ?

Chris Morgan

Ohhhh the irony of this guy

James Staffordson

Bloke looks terminally ill. Don’t be too harsh.

Matty Southworth

Bible bashing? Never read the bible in my life, i just dont believe in blowing people up from 5000 miles, if you join the army you cant expect people not to expect you to put your life on the line, thats what your there to do so dont start goin off on one saying civvies this civvies that, you get paid to hold a gun not me, you chose that life not me so stop bitchin

Chris Morgan

‘You can’t expect people to not expect us to put our lives on the line.’

Is that a double negative? I hope so as I’m sat with my feet up at the moment. XBOX might catch on fire though so guess my life could be at risk..

Chris Morgan

In one, James Staffordson.. ?

Matty Southworth

Whats wrong with that chris morgan? Theyre people that actually put their life on the line unlike you, you fucking woman, oh civvies dont have a clue civvies this civvies that, fuck off and go pick your pen up and shine your shoes you womble! And welcome back to civvy street, good luck getting a job im the normal world if you havent already had a bullet through your head by then

Matty Southworth

Why you looking through a randomers facebook you creep? Get back to shining your shoes and chasing the man you dream of being round the exercise yard

Matty Southworth

For 16k a year, yes sir, no sir, 3 bags full sir!

Chris Morgan

I’m not in the infantry mate, and I’ve already secured some employment cheers.. ?

Chris Morgan

One final thing.

Preston North End are shit, poor mans Blackpool.

James Gale

So let me get this straight in your logic? Because I could programme a Storm Shadow to hit an enemy target 100 miles away without risk to my aircraft or myself then that makes me a murderer because I am not seeing the whites of their eyes?
Odd logic from an armchair warrior…I’d stick to playing the XBox kid

Jason Owens

Matty Southworth your description of the military is about 50 years out of date and you obviously have little concept of warfare, it’s place in the modern world or the realities of war fighting.

Both Chris and I are rejoining the civilian world – he has secured a very nice job and I’m getting chased by a number of potential employers. There are a number of transferable skills and qualities that an employer can find in an ex-serviceman. The ability to form a coherent sentence being one…

Matty Southworth

Never played xbox in my life… Kid. I believe you shouldnt kill if you cant see the enemy with your own eyes and if there is no danger to yourself then its not warfare, its sucker punching someone from behind with a run up, thats my oppinion, not taken from the bible, not taken from xboxes and not taken from signing up to the army then 2 weeks later telling everyone “ive seen stuff maaaan” its just my opinion, you dont like it then in the words of cartman “suck my balls”

Gareth Pye

Only an idiot fights a battle on even terms. If I was out there fighting Isis I would want to do it with the best chance of coming home. Our service men and women risk themselves enough as it is, fighting an enemy that fights hidden amongst civilians so we can’t fight back.

Greg Holden

Chris Morgan, no need for that mate. Completely out of order….PNE are by far the bigger club.

Matty Southworth. War isn’t a sport, so any advantage should be taken.

Leigh Terry

I agree a bizarre attitude, so with that logic, stealth aircraft and Nuclear submarines attack and ballastic ,fall into that category as well??

Howard Riley

Well done should be more of this

Richard Redford

Job well done ☺

Craig Ling

Nice shock wave going through the water

Not that easy to hit a moving target like that from a Hut thousands of miles away nice work boys or girls keep this up.?

Paul McStay

Good job well done.

Bob Anson


Alan Cottis

Good for you.