The second of the UK’s new supercarriers, HMS Prince of Wales, has passed a significant milestone after two halves of the ship were joined together in a record example of precision engineering.

A specialised hydraulic system was used for the 10-hour operation as 26,500 tonnes of the forward half of the ship joined the 12,000-tonne “superblock”.

The fitting together process is believed to be the biggest ever carried out, the operation involved as little as 3mm in tolerances.


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Mark Pemberton

“Its a Supercarrier your Honour… just a bit short for actual aeroplanes”

UK Defence Journal


The clowns are on day release again…

Mark Pemberton

A snitch at £3.1Bn (each) Sir, will you be wanting planes too? We have a special sub-optimal version of the X-35 that might eventually work…. shall we say £100M each (as nobody seems to know the truth).

david southern

I think most people agree that the F35B is a bit of a dog but to be fair the present UK government did try and change that. Personally, I think we should have tried to ‘navalize’ the Typhoon and just build an extra 48 for the RN. I’m guessing it wouldn’t have cost anymore and we’d have a more capable asset.

shark bait

Excellent example of British engineering

Dave Stone

Love it, all the advanced engineering and technology that has gone into the building of these carriers, and they still rely on a good old fashioned Plumb bob and a bit of string!! Can’t beat it