Babcock have placed an order for a set of PEMA welding and production lines for the ‘frigate factory’ in Rosyth, Scotland.

In total, the order includes three lines; PEMA Thin plate panel line, PEMA Micro panel line, and PEMA T-beam fabrication line.

According to the firm:

“Each PEMA production line is based on modern shipbuilding technology that enables Babcock to raise its level of automation. PEMA Thin plate panel line is equipped with the latest technologies, such as plate edge milling and robotic welding which enable high-quality production of various panel types. PEMA T-beam fabrication line is designed to make straight T-beams without any additional straightening processes. PEMA Micro panel line consists of a customized solution that first assembles the profiles before they are welded with a compact Vision robotics solution.

The main benefit of the line is that it automatizes micro panel production, but also other small-medium-sized constructions. The control of the robotic system is based on PEMA WeldControl 200 software which enables easy weld path creation and robot programming. The advanced shipbuilding automation lines are customized according to Babcock’s production needs to efficiently weld deck panels and bulkheads.

For Babcock, the lines bring increased capability in welding and handling, the improved manufacturing quality of ship structures, and streamlined production processes while requiring less manual work.”

Image of the Type 31 via Babcock.

The lines will initially be used for the Type 31 general purpose frigate program being built and assembled at its Rosyth facility.

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nice to see this coming along,cannot wait until they start building them,so long as little Krankie keeps her mouth shut and paws off..

Mr Bell

Just so long as they can be rapidly disassembled, put into boxes and ship south of the border, along with anything else of any value, the very second Scotland votes for independence.

Daniele Mandelli

Well if Scotland is 8% of UK population you’d think a fair outcome is 8% of UK assets.

The Scots are UK citizens like the rest of us, valued, and have also paid taxpayers money towards this.

Granted taking 8% of a giant hall is not feasible but the basic premise still stands I feel.

Academic anyway, we had a ref a few years ago. Give it 20 years and Brexit calmed down and the sky not fallen in and they will fade away I pray.

Kevin Garrigan

Am sorry but if Scotland go on they way there should not have any thing from the UK they want to go on the way and leave us they get nothing they will lose 1,000 of jobs Scotland is Heading for a Crash & its a Shame its all be cos SNP and that Woman dont leave save your Self’s Stay where you are we are power full Country all To Gather they go Scotland will end up a broke and Small Great Britain SNP Lie’g to you all they will be rich Which they are Rich people now .but… Read more »

Craig N

Mate- take a breath and find the full stop on your keyboard.

Martyn Parker

They can have their fair share of the assets just the same as they can have their fair share of the debt

Supportive Bloke

The giant hall costs peanuts to build: in the grand scheme of things.

The quality and efficiency improvements that will be attained from doing this properly undercover will be significant.

Really good news on the state of the art welding rigs.

Let’s just focus on the positives that we are the leading frigate designers in the world in the UK. Hopefully we will be the leading builders soon if we can make decent export vessels for the cost of the T31’s.

The bit I am interested to see if how the T31 will be uparmed when it finishes builder’s trials.

Andy a

And will they 8% of the covid bill?

Kevin Garrigan

Can please any one in the No this new Factory how many ships in a year will this new Ship Factory make o to the Chap talking about Scotland lave the UK All Shjps will all close and every every think will move south and i would not be Surprise if the man power will go down south Scotland are going to lose a lot of jobs if the Scots leave the UK no Navy no Air force& if you have a Army it will be Very Small you will not have the pound 1st you would have to Bore… Read more »


Hi Kevin. It seems likely to initially build the 5 GP T31s & what seems to be 5 following T32s intended to raise the tiny escort fleet from nominally 19 to 24, which should see it into the 2030s. Hopefully there will be follow-on orders. Recommend reading back your posts to yourself & spell checking them before you post to make sure they make sense & convey what you intend. I’m not much better at times, suffering from fat fingers on the keypad, v poor glasses(supposed to correct double vision) & often writing in the early hours when I should… Read more »


Sounds fantastic. Do PEMA do a solution for crew recruitment and training for the ships?


Have the SNP started claiming its not really there yet? I heard one of there mp yestday complaining that only 4 type 26’s were being built on the Clyde, obviously spinning the fact their ordered in batchs. Surprised they have ordered the second batch just to shut them up.
It’d be funny if it wasn’t so pathetic