I was recently given the coronavirus vaccine and I’d like to explain what happens when you go and get it.

Why am I posting this? One of the biggest threats this country faces is disinformation on COVID19 and the vaccine for the disease. Every day there are hundreds of tweets spreading scare stories about the vaccine that otherwise intelligent people take as gospel. The better protected the public are against disinformation then the better off the UK is. It’s that simple.

I’ll take you through my experience of getting the vaccine in order to dispel any myths about that side of things.

I received an email in advance informing me of my appointment time and all the other details I needed to know to be in and out of there as quickly as possible. I was heading to Glasgow’s ‘Nightingale hospital’, the NHS Louisa Jordan. An exhibition hall turned temporary hospital.

When I got there, I was asked a series of questions about how I was feeling on the day and then asked to queue up inside. Once inside I was asked if I had any symptoms etc. I then proceeded into a massive hall after showing my NHS ID badge.

Why did I have to show an NHS ID badge? I’m a member of NHS staff and I work around COVID19 patients, which is why my line manager booked me in for the vaccine at this stage of the national vaccination effort.

The hall looks like this only with various privacy screens installed. I queued up and was taken to a cubicle, asked some more questions by a friendly nurse to make sure it was safe for me to get the vaccine. I was then jabbed and it was all over in a few minutes.


I was advised to stay within the clinical area for 10 minutes just to make sure I was okay after the jag, a routine measure in a vaccination clinic. I left after the 10 minutes, I felt perfectly fine. I was mostly relieved it was over with.

I then headed for the train home. If you’re anxious about going and getting the vaccine then I hope that these tweets have helped even in a small way.

Have a good Christmas folks!

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Daniele Mandelli

Really interesting, thank you.


Important that people get the flu jab too this year. Partly to ensure the NHS has less serious flu cases to deal with, and partly because getting flu and Corvid-19 seriously complicated matters and reduces your chances of survival.

I had the flu jab at local Boots, very similar situation to the described Corvid-19 in the article. A small act, no big deal, but one that could save your life, and ensure the NHS isn’t overwhelmed.


I thought it was for the over 80s at the minute?
Can’t wait to get mine. I get regular flu jab.

Currently in central locations because of the need for freezers and refrigerators.


Nice to see there aren’t any crazies here

Meirion X

The vaccine is Very slow rolling out in Wales.
I know of someone of 90 who has still Not received it!

What is going on?

Ivor Evans

Ask Commissar Drakeford.

John Clark

We seem to have lost a good chunk of the posts??

Jack hall

I love this great website, 10/10.


Given that most were from you John…not much of a loss!
Happy New Year to you and all other contributors 🙂

John Clark

Wounding comments aside 😉 A happy new year and Indipendance day to you too…

The Artist Formerly Known As Los Pollos Chicken

Yes it would seem they don’t like hearing the other side of the discussion on here 🤔 so they simply censor ,and shut down any debate on this topic very bizarre indeed ….. but not a surprise

Meirion X

Drakeford Should be ashamed of himself, if he Cannot vaccinate all the 90 year old’s by now in Wales!

He should resign!

Ian Stevenson

Very interesting post, thank you. However, do you think the term ‘Jabs’ puts people off the idea of being vaccinated, I understand a significant preportion of adults fear needle injections?

John Clark

Trouble is Ian, a significant proportion of people these days are terrified of their own shadow ….


While it seems silly, I have always thought it was a stupid term for something you are trying to promote, who would want a “jab”?

Words have an effect, I remember a guy at work who was ignoring the promotion of paying into the pension scheme by “salary sacrifice”, I asked why and he didn’t think ‘sacrificing his salary’ sounded like a good thing. When I pointed out that a better term might be “national insurance avoidance” he was first in the queue!