The impressive set of images showing operations, training, equipment and sport were all taken by Royal Navy sailors and marines.

The Royal Navy say that their  photographers are charged with telling the stories of sailors and Royal Marines around the world through still imagery and video, taking them on deployments with warships and commando units wherever they may go.

“In the past year their imagery and video has covered everything from Royal Marines training in the frozen Arctic circle to maritime security operations across the seven seas.

Leading Photographer Sam Seeley was named the Royal Navy’s photographer of the year by the judges for his portfolio of imagery from operations all over the world.”

Sam said in a news release:

“It is humbling to win this award and have your work appreciated. I believe I have the best job in the Royal Navy – thanks to the variety of the work and the unknowns. One day you’re with the Royal Marines storming a beach and the next you’re landing in a helicopter on the back of a frigate in the North Sea. This job gives you some real money can’t buy moments.”

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Im keen photographer and most of these aren’t that good, most don’t jump out at you and are easily forgettable and repeatable, welding? Could have been more creative with that one and more. High fiving a black kid! It would be racist not to pick that one!! Have to include coloured folk even if the pictures suck and it’s a black kid so ticked more pc boxes! I bet the judges pissed their pants with excitement with that one eh!.

But 2 or 3 maybe 4 are worthy winners though.

Branaboy Young

Sir I think it is rather racist of you to comment as you have on the only picture with the Black kid in it. Sure it is not a compelling picture but neither are any of the others. For your to say the picture with the Black kid in it only has merit because we need to have a Black person in the collection to tick the non-biased or racist box, rather betrays your own racist sentiments.


The Penguin and Royal Marines in the water are my faves but even those are just good, but not outstandingly good or memorable.

I would agree that there does seem to be some obvious box ticking exercises going on in some of the pics.

Daniele Mandelli

I’m an artist, not a photographer, so to me the photos are good.

My favourites are the Penguin and the PT instructor with the group of mud covered girls.

One of my colleagues at work is an ex RN photographer, will be interesting to see what he makes of them.

PC is a fact of life now I’m afraid.

Robert Blay

And what is PC about these photographs? I just see Sailors, Marines and Airman .

Daniele Mandelli

Robert. That was in response to the first poster, who’s comments were removed.

Had you read that you’d know why I, and MattW above, commented on it.

Robert Blay

Well the Mob have been taking pictures of girls and penguins for years now; nothing new there. ?


Some really nice pictures here.

In other naval news, I read today that HMS Hermes is heading for the breakers yard. A shad end of a fine ship.

Bloke down the pub

Was QNLZ expected to be back in Rosyth so soon?

Dave Wolfy

The arc welding shot must have been a difficult shot involving considerable expertise.