Work has started at the BAE Systems shipyard in Barrow-in-Furness as part of a £300m investment in preparation for the UK’s next generation of Trident missile carrying nuclear submarines.

Prime Minister David Cameron had previously confirmed that Britain will order four new Successor nuclear submarines to replace the Vanguard class vessels currently in use.

The work begins at the Central Yard Complex and is the first step of the site’s redevelopment which will be ready for use by the end of 2017.

Project manager Phil Aspden said:

“The commencement of the Central Yard Complex work is the culmination of three years’ planning and preparation. It marks a milestone as the first major development on the site in many years.

The 10-strong BAE Systems project team, who all have roots in the local area, are committed to delivering a building which will secure submarine boat building capability in the yard for the next 25 years and beyond. The Central Yard Complex is the first major development within the shipyard as part of the eight-year site redevelopment programme.”

Trident carrying Successor is now in the detailed design stage and it is expected to begin delivery in 2028. It is expected to be the most technologically advanced submarine in the history of the Royal Navy, the name of the class has not yet been revealed.


  1. I believe we should have more of these, they are a deterrent imo, and we should not be short in coming to use them when required. Also, would make people think twice about launching an attack on UK if we do have a decent and effective military. All of our stocks should be built up with the latest equipment instead of things coming through on UOR’s when the shit hits the fan. Defence equipment doesn’t just grow on trees

  2. i am not a fan of nuclear weapons….but we live in a world where other countries have or are looking at nuclear power…it,s only right we keep ours,heaven forbid north korea grows some nuts and does what it,s been shouting about because i don,t think for one minute they would go conventional they would push the button,plus you have russia flexing it,s muscles i don,t think they would use them but god knows what goes on in putins mind…

  3. What constitutes a ‘multi role’ submarine in your opinion? As both the SSBNs and SSNs have an ASW and Land Attack capability albeit on a different scale, it is after all a question of scale, an SSBN by necessity is over twice the size of an SSN to accommodate the weapon system, it must also operate submerged for its entire patrol, whereas the SSN can do this but the duration and nature of their deployments differ considerably, including port visits to replenish supplies and to allow personnel some down time. The purpose of the SSBN precludes this.

  4. Sandy,
    Can you assure me that Saddam did not fear a limited retaliation in the first gulf conflict if he used his chemical weapons. Recall please he WOULD use them, people tend to think others think in a similar manner to themselves. Additionally our own forces recovered Kuwait in the knowledge we had the capability to deter him. So in essence Trident WAS used. As it IS used every day.


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