RAF Lossiemouth will host the brand new facility designed to support the P-8 Maritime Patrol Aircraft.

The P-8 aircraft, announced as part of the Strategic Defence and Security Review last November will replace the UK’s fleet of Nimrod aircraft which were based at RAF Kinloss until they were scrapped.

Boeing chairman Dennis Muilenburg said:

“Boeing is committed to the UK Government’s prosperity agenda and we share the goals of enhanced economic growth that the Prime Minister has set out to us.”

Boeing and the government intend to work together to build a new £100m P-8 Maritime Patrol Aircraft operational support and training base at RAF Lossiemouth in Scotland, creating more than 100 new jobs.

Prime Minister at the time of the defence review, David Cameron, said:

“Whatever uncertainties our country faces, I want the message to go out loud and clear: the UK will continue to lead the world in both civil and defence aerospace.

We aren’t just open for investment: we are a place the global aerospace industry wants to do business – as Boeing’s long-term partnership with the UK proves.

It’s also important to put government investment where it counts.

That’s why we are jointly funding the new R&D fund with the aerospace industry and why I’m pleased we have today signed the contract for 9 new P8 Maritime Patrol Aircraft for the Royal Air Force, underlining the UK’s commitment to spending on vital defence.”

Boeing has made clear that it will continue to grow its commercial aviation services business in the UK and will make the UK a base for defence exports to Europe and the Middle East, increasing UK employment, investment and tax revenue.

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Martin Ross

Good news for RAF lossie

Jamie Perkins

Any chance of england or wales getting a look in?

UK Defence Journal

You do realise of course that well over 95% of the UK’s military equipment is based outside Scotland, right? Perhaps you’ve missed the announcements regarding new Apache aircraft, F-35, RC-135 and additional Typhoon squadrons?

George Allison

Any chance of the place where the majority of the UK’s military spending is done getting a look in? What a comment…

Jamie Perkins

UK Defence Journal my point is, why put ALL p8’s in Scotland. Geographically speaking it just doesn’t make sense to me. Its the same with having the majority of the RN surface fleet on the English south coast?

Daniele Mandelli

Jamie. There is a good reason why our MPA’s like Nimrod were based mostly in Scotland. The P8’s will be there because that is where the main threat is. The P8’s will support SOSUS, or whatever it is called these days, in covering the Greenland Iceland UK Gap where Russian subs will be coming down through to try to find our Bombers.

Splitting a mere 9 aircraft around makes no sense financially either. Northern Scotland is the place for them.

Dean Chilcott

Maybe it’s worth waiting till. Scotland decide if they want to be part of the U.K. Why waste money on them if they have a second referendum and leave ?

Chris Duncan

They did a few years back. Don’t worry about that neo Nazi bint sturgeon. She should be burnt at the stake anyway, that’s the trial for witches.

Dean Chilcott

Haha. Very true. She is a witch and rather cut her noses off despite her face A true hater of being ruled by London. And would rather see her country in ruin being lead by Brussels ,

Jason Bartlett

Indeed I’d rather not waste uk taxpayer money building this in Scotland just for them to leave the uk. On another note I’d love to know how many scotish voters voted to stay in the eu just to force another independence vote and also why they think being in the EU is preferable over being in the uk when they almost rule themselves now and will get even more powers over agricultural and other things when the uk fully leaves the eu.

Peter Crawford Morton

THEM !!!.

Ian Grist

Hmmmm fairly sure they spent eleventy seventy billion quid on St Athan for a similar job, and then shitcanned it after it was built

David Anthony Simpson

Different context

P-Woogey Martin

It will be interesting to see how they reconfigure Lossie. They better get on it, our Production line is Hot! No doubt the first UK jet will be out the door within a year. The US Navy gave up a few production slots for Australia, No reason to think they wouldn’t do the same for you guys.

Pam Todkill


UK Defence Journal

Hi Pam, the facility is being built in Lossiemouth because that’s where the aircraft it will support are to be based.


A huge vote of confidence for the soon-to-be independent Scotland.


“It’s also important to put government investment where it counts. That’s why … I’m pleased we have today signed the contract for 9 new P8 Maritime Patrol Aircraft for the Royal Air Force ..”

You couldn’t make this up. 2 billion straight into the pocket of Being in Washington State.

And that’s excluding the other 2 billion going to Boeing in Arizona for new Apaches.

Yep, that sure is the way to put government investment where it counts.