Industry in Cumbria has received a boost with the announcement by the government of £225m of spending at Barrow-in-Furness.

The £225m will go towards new facilities where four new nuclear  submarines will be assembled. This investment is reportedly intended to ensure the submarines are built with maximum efficiency.

The new vessels will begin replacing the Vanguard class, from the 2030’s.

First Sea Lord, Admiral Sir Mark Stanhope previously commented that:

“The Royal Navy has been operating continuous at-sea deterrent patrols for more than 40 years, the Successor submarines will allow us to do so well into the future with cutting-edge equipment.”

Successor is now in the detailed design stage and it is expected to begin delivery in 2028. It is expected to be the most technologically advanced submarine in the history of the Royal Navy, the name of the class has not yet been revealed.

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Lugia Lee Kane

subs aint the answer housing is

Lugia Lee Kane

225m could build 220,000 homes

Dave B Philips

What housing do you have in mind that costs £1022 each?

David Southern

Or 2,250 Porsche 911’s. Thanks for doing the Maths but the social housing website is here ….

Dave B Philips

I know this is a defence journal, and i come here as such, but if someone claims one can buy a house for a grand anywhere when i’m struggling with a 6 figure mortgage, i demand to know. Even if its social housing, i mean, how cheap is the rent going to be on that!

Pah! Forgive my waggish behaviour.

Tom Perry Davies

Lugia Lee Kane you seem to be on the wrong page

Pavel Neochotny

but in thanks of these just four subs we can defend this country and our allies effectively and it unables us to respond to any threat. defending your homes jobs families liberties and quality of life as we know.we can back our allies as well which means secure food supply routes market and trade.we should understand this wider context

Andy L

You will be safe in your home right? Lets sell off the rest of the armed forces also and you can invite Putin for tea……….

Jason Ruddick

This is excellent news for the local economy,without BAE Barrow in Furness would be a industrial waste land,so many people really on the yard for work

Jake Mac

Amazing news for tens of thousand of workers in the defence industry, not to mention family’s, other businesses from trade and the housing market!! Well done the government

Dave Wooding

Excellent news and more work for Devonport to carry out the refits


Warspite class?


“Successor is now in the detailed design stage and it is expected to begin delivery in 2028”

What is your source please? I was looking for this recently but couldn’t find anything concrete?


That’s a quce-kwittid answer to a difficult question