The destroyer has been re-floated in port after three years underwater.

In 2013, the warship suffered a broken valve which resulted in the flooding of several compartments, the ship took on a 50-degree list and sank at her moorings.

After almost three years, ARA Santisima Trinidad has been re-floated. It is understood that Argentina plan to recondition the destroyer and convert her into a museum.

ARA Santísima Trinidad was a Type 42 destroyer, the only one of her class built outside Britain. She participated in the 1982 Falklands War.

Abandoned in Puerto Belgrano because of lack of maintenance and funds, the final decision on her fate will be depend on the new Argentine defence minister, Julio Martinez.


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  1. I think its a shame that we as a maritime nation with a long history of our navy, don’t make more use of former ships as museums instead of flogging them off for peanuts.

    We should have at least kept Invincible and Britannia.


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