An Argentine patrol ship has been damaged after colliding with a tanker in strong winds near Puerto Belgrano Naval Base in Argentina.

ARA Espora is the lead ship of the MEKO 140A16 Espora class of six corvettes built for the Argentine Navy. Commissioned in 1985, she is used for fishery patrol. She is home ported at Puerto Belgrano Naval Base and is part of the Navy’s 2nd Corvette Division with her five sister ships.

Photos posted by the website show significant damage to the port side of the patrol boat.

In August 2015, the Argentine air force retired its Mirage fighters, with only a handful of them even flyable.

The problems don’t stop there, their submarine crews despite benefiting from a recent upgrade, need at least 190 days of immersion practice and in 2014 only spent 19 hours submerged. A similar situation is faced by their four destroyers, they don’t have any weaponry.

Argentine ground forces rarely have the resources for training and are vastly under equipped, their kit dates back to the 70’s and is in very short supply. In addition to this, the Argentine Air Force largely consists of a collection of obsolete aircraft mostly dating back to the 1970’s, which are frequently grounded due to poor serviceability. They’re now even getting rid of their only semi-capable fighter aircraft.

According to IHS Janes

“The Argentine Air Force is drastically cutting staff working hours and decommissioning its last fighter aircraft amid continuing budget issues.

A recently published daily agenda indicates that the service’s working hours have been significantly reduced, from 0800 to 1300; rationing of food, energy consumption, and office supplies has been directed headquarters staff and property residents; and only the minimum personnel required to staff headquarters, directorates, and commands are working.

These orders, issued on 11 August, take effect 18 August. A next step will cut Monday and Tuesday as working days. Moreover, air force officials said any aircraft taken out of service will not undergo maintenance for now.”

This leaves the Argentine military with just two types of jet aircraft A-4’s and IA-63’s and both are subsonic, decades old and barely serviceable. Argentina had looked into buying new Gripen’s from Sweden via Brazil but this was vetoed by the United Kingdom which makes a large number of internal components for the aircraft. They had also looked at JF-17’s from China, but the JF-17s proved too expensive to modify.

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Michael Karl Dawes

Amateurs . The Royal Navy has a far more impressive record of sailing around and colliding into things. Try harder.

Graham Mann

Yep like in the Cod War

Mike Abo Hooper

Looks like its caused thousands of pounds worth of improvements.

Love it LOL LOL

Stephen Brown


‘Tis but a scratch

Yunell Smith Apolona


Kenneth Burns

Yeah, we’ve had ferries batter our frigates. Shit happens, refit at sea with PVA glue, newspaper and airfix paint


Tee hee! 🙂

Damian Ross

I’d suggest they rename their destroyers, if they have no weaponry they won’t be living upto their name ?

Ross Tackle Berrey

whoops, what a waste of what could be a good class of warship

Hennie Van Den Berg

In Africa we would just body putty that

Dave Crook

A bit of T Cut will sort that out

Bob Hodgson

Type 45, oops sorry, a bump, never mind.


Oh Dear, what a shame, never mind.

Stuart Hayden

Oh the irony

Stuart Hayden

Oh the irony

Roger Morris

“Well Sir, this tanker just leaped out and bit my ship”…

Aayush Ranjan

they are not gonna repair it just because….. Messi won’t pay tax

Roger Widdecombe

Oh dear, how sad, never mind LoL! 🙂

Joshua Rolph

Dan Rolph

Cliff Sweeting

There’s a lot of rust under all that paint. Does the rest of Argentina’s Navy aspire to such high standards of maintenance?


Paul Kimber

Adem Veli

Adem Veli

Couldn’t have happened to a nicer navy

Harry Eaton
John Cook

Nice place to put a new port hole

Ian Allen

If they have use 2% of their budget to stay in NATO that damage is really gonna cause them problems lol 😀

Paul Jones

They’re not in NATO. .

Andrew 'Taz' Tarrant

Awww shame ?

Niall Annan

Do they still have ‘warships’?!? 😛

Lewis Dellar-Singer

Go hard or go home!

Lewis Dellar-Singer


David Jones

Janet Read

Janet Read

Hahahahahahaha fucking hahaha

Graham Mann

No that’s one of Putins new missiles

Peter Oxford

Should of sunk lol

Brendan Clarke

They will just put a plaster over it and carry on ?


That’s his no claims discount down the Swannee then….