Australia will join the United Kingdom and the United States in patrolling the Strait of Hormuz.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has agreed to dispatch troops and a P-8A will be in the region for one month before the end of the year.

“The government has been concerned with incidents involving shipping in the Strait of Hormuz over the past few months,” the statement said.

“This destabilizing behavior is a threat to Australian interests in the region.”

“We have been working closely with our allies and partners, particularly the United States and the United Kingdom, on this issue, which impacts global security and stability. Freedom of navigation through international waters is a fundamental right of all states under international law,” the statement continued.

“The United States is pulling this together, but it’s also the UK’s view that this provides the opportunity for others to be involved in a multi-national engagement,” Morrison said, adding that he talked with Prime Minister Boris Johnson and U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo before the announcement.

The United Kingdom already has assets in the region, including a frigate and a destroyer, with another vessel on the way.

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Good to see the Aussies joining in. A welcome addition!
In other news, I wonder if anyone is keeping eyes on the “Grace1” tanker on its route to, wherever it’s going. Interesting that its locator keeps being turned off. Apparently a common trick for trading items ship to ship… but maybe it’s all just smoke and mirrors.
[email protected]


Should be noted that she has once again had her name and flag changed.

Nick Bowman

I have been tracking her on Marine Traffic since she left Gib. She sailed from custody under the name “Adrian Darya 1”. Two minutes ago she was southwest of Crete steaming east at 8.6 knots.

Nick Bowman

Perhaps coincidentally, HMS Defender just left Malta and appears to be heading east at twice the speed of Adrian. She should catch up right around Syria ?

Oscar Zulu

Also re-tasking the RAN’s Middle East frigate, reportedly HMAS Toowoomba, to join patrols in Strait of Hormuz from January (assuming this is still going on by then)


Anzac class ship. I have worked on a couple of sister ships over the years…

Gavin Gordon

Hope you’re not referring to the 3rd test?
News over Impero seems to be that Iran will release in yhe next few days: suitsbly vague and like as not after ‘Adrian’ has got wherever he’s not going.


Would be nice if Saudi, UAE, Qatar could police their own backyard but I guess that would be impossible since the majority of Arab countries don’t trust each other…..


Those countries buy 10s of billions of dollars in high tech gear from the West but when they’re attacked like the Saudis were they do NOTHING and wait for America and her allies to protect them. Bunch of useless cowards they are!