Australia’s second Canberra class Amphibious Assault Ships, HMAS Adelaide, has completed of sea trials off the south east Australian coast

The trials reportedly centred on testing navigation, combat and communications systems.

Commanding Officer, Captain Paul Mandziy, said:

“These final sea acceptance trials will determine the shape of the final pre-delivery work package before the ship is delivered to the Commonwealth later this year.

Our team is certainly impressing and we have developed excellent relationships with the other 170 sea-riders from the Department, BAE Australia and various sub-contractors. We are in an excellent position to leverage from the experiences of our sister ship HMAS Canberra and as a consequence we have built a very close relationship with our peers. We also know what challenges to expect and our crew have had the benefit of sea-riding on Canberra and in working with the systems that will be delivered with Adelaide.”

The Canberra class is a ship class of two Landing Helicopter Dock. Construction of the first assault ship, HMAS Canberra, started in late 2008, sea trials in early 2014. Canberra was commissioned in November 2014. Work on the second vessel, HMAS Adelaide, started in early 2010. Adelaide is predicted to enter service in 2016. They are the largest vessels ever operated by the RAN, with a displacement of 27,500 tonnes

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Chris Harding

that things got a bow ramp… Did australia fall for Lockheed’s F-35 scam as well?

Bob Ellwood

No it’s a pure helicopter assault ship. The jump was an integral part of the design and couldn’t be taken out with out causing major re engineering work so they just left it.
The FAA was looking at getting the F35 but it was ruled out. But on the plus side it does allow a F35 to take off if the need ever arises.

UK Defence Journal

Scam? Opinion of colleagues in forces, especially those with first hand experience, very positive. It has significant benefit to the UK as a programme and as an aircraft,

They’ve scrapped the f-35b for there lhd

Chris Power

Assume they’d have to apply the heat resitant deck coating first though….

UK Defence Journal

Australia had no plans to operate the F-35B.

Chris Power

I know, just commenting on Bob’s “it does allow an F35 to take off if the need arises”

Bob Ellwood

As far as I know the coating has been applied to the flight deck.

UK Defence Journal

They had looked into it Matthew, they had however no actual plans to do so. The Canberra class would be too expensive to modify to operate STOVL aircraft.

Michael Karl Dawes

The point is when you have an asset like this you have options, it starts out all helicopters and if you think you need to project a bit more power you can adapt for F-35B

Chris Harding

UK Defence Journal when the F-35B have been heavily criticized for its payload and operational range we can only hope the brave men and women flying it remain as positive IF that plane is ever used in combat operations (naturally a situation happen we all pray never occurs)

a plane that has been slated as a fighter that “can’t turn, can’t climb, can’t run” by top level analysts and has repeatedly lost simulated wargames against 4th and 4.5 gen aircraft of western and Eastern designs is a concerning choice of equipment for the tax payer to be funding.

James Gale

Chris Harding you are repeating internet dribble you know nothing about.
It hasn’t lost ANY simulated war games other than those in test conditions with block 1C software 2 years ago during software integration tests. In fact Block 2B software update has increased the capability of the F35B to 89% of its current projected IOC.
I have read your posts before. You talk utter tripe and you repeat the same jalopnik website crap that has appeared over the last two year.
Seriously get a grip!

David L Thomas

This ship looks the business

Andy Berry

Is that a ramp???

david southern

How does this compare with HMS Ocean with regards capability? Hopefully they’ll work closely with the Brits!