The flagship of Russia’s Northern Fleet, the heavy nuclear powered missile cruiser Pyotr Veliky, has gone to sea for the first time in two years.

The fleet’s press office reported on Monday:

“This is the first sea practice of the missile cruiser after the vessel’s technical readiness has been restored. The Pyotr Veliky crew has practised the entire range of basic training missions, checked the preparedness of weapons and the ship’s technical capabilities for operations at sea.”

The sailors of the Pyotr Veliky and the Sergei Osipov tanker have already held drills at anchorages off Severomorsk in north Russia. The crews held a joint training exercise to replenish supplies at the anchorage.

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Hugh Mitchell
Hugh Mitchell (@guest_352862)
4 years ago

Love these missile cruisers, they may be a product of the Cold War but they have no analogue within Western Navies at all. If I remember correctly the Russian (Soviet) building of these resulted in the re-commissioning of the Iowa class Battleships during Reagan’s “600 ship” Navy programme in the mid 80’s. Largest non-aircraft carrier surface combatant in the world. Good Looking Ships too…..

Dave B Philips
Dave B Philips (@guest_352863)
4 years ago

Just a HUGE target for anti ship weaponry. Especially more advance modern anti ship weapons…

Eamonn (@guest_352866)
4 years ago

A Cruise misleading from our destroyers could deal with that

Jason Bartlett
Jason Bartlett (@guest_352870)
4 years ago

Very impressive looking but abit of a relic these days.

Dave Wooding
Dave Wooding (@guest_352954)
4 years ago

Probably not functioning 100% as well !
Remember seeing a visiting soviet cruiser in devonport years back
The sailors uniform were dirty and a lot of its systems were U.S.