In a surprising turn of events, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) has announced an ingenious solution to its much-maligned AJAX Armoured Fighting Vehicle programme.

In what may be seen as the very best of British ingenuity, the MoD has decided to sell the AJAX vehicles to Russia, in an attempt to assist Ukraine indirectly in their ongoing conflict.

The AJAX program, notorious for its safety concerns, delays, and cost overruns, has been a thorn in the MoD’s side for several years now. With a staggering 22 out of 27 critical issues still unresolved as of March 2022, the question of what to do with these armoured beasts has been a tricky one. However, as is often the case with the British, a tea-fueled brainstorming session resulted in an unexpected solution.

The rationale behind this bold move is simple. By selling these vehicles to Russia, the MoD hopes to cause disruption in the ranks of their forces. The AJAX vehicles, which seem to be more effective in creating disarray than being formidable fighting machines, could prove to be a significant obstacle to the Russian military’s operations.

“We’ve found the AJAX vehicles are excellent at making noise and causing headaches,” said a senior MoD official. “We thought, why not let the Russians experience that first hand?”

However, the MoD has ensured that the AJAX vehicles are being sold ‘as is’, with all their technical challenges, design flaws, and unresolved issues included. They have made it clear that there will be no after-sales service or technical support provided. “We believe the Russians are perfectly capable of figuring things out themselves,” the official added, with a wry smile.

This unprecedented move has caused a stir in the international defence community, with some praising it as a stroke of genius. However, others have voiced concerns, citing this as an act of desperation from a MoD plagued with unresolved problems.

As part of the deal, the MoD has included a friendly note for the Russian forces: “Best of luck with the AJAX. You’re going to need it!”

Congratulations and thank you for reading the whole article, this is just an April Fools Day joke. The article above is not true and if anyone is sharing this after the 1st of April, please do remind them of that fact. The purpose of this article, aside from our usual April Fools’ day joke, is to make the point that reading beyond the headline should be the norm every day, not just on the 1st of April.

There’s a large volume of misinformation online, make sure you don’t add to it by sharing articles without reading them. Finally, be careful of the person sharing this article after the 1st of April as they very clearly don’t read what they share.

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