The second video in our series on incorrect and misleading tweets that spread myths about defence matters looks at the claim that there are no Royal Navy ships being built in Scotland.

You can go straight to the video by clicking here, let us know what you think if you have the time!

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Geoffrey Roach

Well done George.I’m amazed that people are sucked in by the media… but they are..but a bit of fact checking wouldn’t do them any harm.


On a different subject does anyone know about the Pacific Heron nuclear waste ship being intercepted off Madeira by Portuguese Navy? Said to have been off course.

George Allison

Hi John, please do keep to the subject if possible, cheers.

peter french

I only wish it was True given the eagerness of the Scots to get independence

The Artist Formerly Known As Los Pollos Chicken

Peter it’s the nationalist party and their wee supporters that want independence not the MAJORITY of the Scots people who reject this daft idea .


Nick C

Very amusing, George. And I think that you should carry it on, and try to get as wide an audience as possible. What you have just shown illustrates the old adage of “a lie is halfway around the world before the truth has got its boots on”. I have no doubt when the new HMS Glasgow is launched and towed to Scotstoun for fitting out the siren voices will all be shouting “ Look at this new ship, it’s no good because it hasn’t got engines!” It might be good to widen it out from being wholly Scottish centric, perhaps… Read more »


Hi George. Like it. Not too long format – 5-10 mins max is good. Debunks myths on a given topic and hopefully helps people correct their views and are not stuck in their echo chamber 🙂


Thanks for the video. Just a suggestion but I like the way the BBC tackle this problem and post a fact checking video against the general BS being put out by Russia, Iran, Trump and the SNP.


Really impressed with the video, for some reason from your happy snap I presumed you’d be a lot older, how wrong was I.


Good concept George really like it. Only tiny criticism would be to add more “mythbusting” sources, maybe 1 piece of evidence for each tweet busted, really stack the evidence against them.


Future topic suggestion: The Saga of “Feral Timelord”


I do believe that Bae systems wanted to partner with Cammell laird if they won the type 31 contract.