A terrorist attack has killed over 80 people, including several children, in Nice during the city’s annual Bastille Day celebrations. Eyewitnesses report a truck “zigzagging” through crowds with an “intent to kill”.

The local prosecutor’s office has stated that at least 80 people are known to have died, with over 100 injured.

Eyewitnesses state the driver leapt from the vehicle and began firing into the crowd, before Police officers returned fire. It is understood the driver has been killed. French security services have identified the driver as a 31 year-old Franco-Tunisian national who was “known to police”.

The attack occurred on the popular Promenade de Anglais, which was packed with “tens of thousands” of tourists watching a Bastille Day firework show.

Christian Etrosi, prefect of the region Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, stated the truck was loaded with “arms and grenades” while speaking to press, fuelling fears the attack may have been perpetrated by an organised group. Dutch media have already reported IS claiming responsibility for the attack, a report which has yet to be verified.

The attack comes less than a year after an IS attack killed 130 people in attacks across Paris, centring on a concert at the Bataclan theatre. Earlier in the day President François Hollande had announced that the State of Emergency put in place after the November attacks is to be lifted on July 26th.

President Hollande was rushed back to Paris from Avignon to chair an emergency meeting of French officials. He has now declared three days of mourning following the attack. Prime Minister May was briefed as the situation developed.

Updated 10:08AM BST


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