First Sea Lord Admiral Sir Philip Jones and US Chief of Naval Operations Admiral John Richardson met in Washington DC to discuss ongoing operations, training and exercises involving the two leading navies.

The Royal Navy say that during a day of engagements that included discussions between senior leaders from both sides of the Atlantic, Admiral Jones and Richardson signed a statement reaffirming their commitment to continued co-operation, with a focus on the nuclear deterrent, carrier operations – HMS Queen Elizabeth will once again conduct fast jet training off the Eastern Seaboard of the USA this autumn – force development and the general ability of the two fleets to work together seamlessly.

“It is always such an honour and pleasure to meet with my friend and colleague Admiral Sir Philip Jones, as our two nations and navies share a very special relationship,” Admiral Richardson said.

“The First Sea Lord is an exceptional leader and is instrumental in reinvigorating operational capabilities that enabled the United States Navy and the Royal Navy to sail together across the globe providing security that supports our two nations’ shared strategic interests.”

Admiral Jones, who ends his three-year tenure as head of the Royal Navy next month when he hands over to Admiral Tony Radakin, received the Legion of Merit – the US military’s seventh highest decoration – from his American host in recognition of his leadership of the RN and especially its support of global operations which have had a significant impact in European and Middle Eastern waters and the Asia-Pacific region, say the Royal Navy in a release.

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Given the UK Government position on Huawei and Iran, I am expecting the US to start drawing back on the support they provide in security and potentially on Trident II / Dreadnought programme. After all, why support an ally that does not support you?

The Civil service and Theresa May need to start understanding that relationship we have with the US is not a ”given” and needs to be fostered and maintained. Not taken for granted.


It would be rather nice if the Americans realised the same thing

Levi Goldsteinberg

True enough, although it shouldn’t be a relationship that is without reservation.

In this instance with Huawei, it is smarter that we are standing up for our own interests rather than blindly following septic economic protectionism

Daniele Mandelli

That works both ways.

Like when the UK was there with the US in Iraq and Afghanistan and was then slapped down years later by Obama when trade deals were discussed.

All that is at government level. At the Intelligence agencies level that relationship is fully understood, much of GCHQ’s targets are driven by that need.


You know there was a time, for centuries that the very thought of us blindly following another nations foreign policy would be considered crazy.

Now we have people complaining about upsetting Uncle Sam.

Let’s not forget what we bring to the table, Diego Garcia, a foothold for them in Europe, and assets that have been in countries over a century that contribute to our significant and worthy presence in five eyes, GCHQ, the list goes on.


I believe the blind following is being carried out by the UK – however not of uncle sam – more blind following of the EU and also China.

Daniele Mandelli

Spot on Sole. Geography and legacy of Empire was very attractive to the Americans after World War Two. Menwith Hill on UK soil, mostly American. Morwenstowe, partly American. the sites in Cyprus, Diego Garcia as you mention. Numerous CSO ( Composite Signals Organisation, once part of GCHQ ) sites that dotted the Middle East, Africa, and Asia, now mostly closed. The world undersea cable backbone, which runs across UK soil from Europe to America. Most metadata taken from Internet surveillance comes from GCHQ, not NSA. According to reports, the world is divided into areas of responsibility for the 5 eyes… Read more »



Steve Martin

Remember who leaked the Manchester bombers identity hours into the investigation, potentially hampering our security services? They’re no saints.


Exactly! You are right.


I wonder if they discussed Type 26.

David E Flandry

I would bet money on it. In the meantime, these naval leaders are meeting for their benefit, not their respective governments. The leaders of the two most experienced navies in the world might have something to say to each other.


Such BS. I hope the average person sees through this nonsense.