45 Commando were tasked with ambushing and pursuing a mock enemy across the mountainous terrain of northern Norway as part of an exercise.

According to a news release from the Royal Navy, the week-long ‘fight phase’ was also a chance for further development of small-team tactics that are a key part of Future Commando Force modernisation, which is seeing Royal Marines embrace new technology and return to being raiders from the sea.

Sergeant Taylor, Mountain Leader Class 1, was quoted as saying:

“The aim of the week, and the course, is to produce marines who are comfortable with operating in a mountainous and Arctic environment, and we achieved that. The fight phase is deliberately arduous, as it successfully instils the discipline and skills required to overcome both the environment and a determined adversary.

The final week of the course was a significant step-up from the mobility phase (in which commandos refresh skills in moving on snow shoes and skis), the weather became a lot more challenging as well, but the marines relished the opportunity to be tested in this environment, and demonstrate that they can still be lethal.”

45 Commando are now finishing their Arctic training with live firing at the ranges, further ski training and training on skidoos for reconnaissance and increased mobility across the terrain before returning to the UK.

You can read more here.

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The CS8 looks to be a superb rifle.



Peter Crisp

Wouldn’t the massive laser shining into the sky be maybe a tad obvious?


our commando force is world class and in my opinion something we should be increasing.

these people really are the tip of the spear…


I couldn’t agree more. Although there is not much to follow up behind the tip…


Rob Richardson

I agree, the shaft (like that of most politicians) is a tad short!


Hi Rob,

Interesting that they carried out a pursuit exercise as the Russians have been ‘getting lost’ and crossing the boarder into Norway in recent years.

There was a piece on here about sometime ago now. It was big news in Norway with serious questions being asked about the size of the Norweign Armed Forces is around 24,000 all branches and they have quite a long boarder with Rusia!

North Norway has long been a key NATO responibility for the Royal Marines / Royal Navy in partnership with the Dutch…

Cheers CR


I think whenever people talk about increasing things it doesn’t mean anything at all because of course you may want things to increase but this doesn’t necessarily mean it will happen it. 1st there needs to be suitable development of vigorous and strongwilled people in the school system and in society which I think will be very challenging to do throughout Western society not just in the practical sense but also because of the politcal correctness of it and because the way society has changed (for the most part) where we are all just addicted to our phones. And secondly… Read more »


Yup agreed, my view is based upon capability requirement rather than ability to do. what I would say is I think we do have a set of young people who are willing to give something to their country and have the right stuff. gordon Ramsey’s son has just become a marine, so all backgrounds are joining. as for conditions, I continue to b appalled by the conditions our forces are expected to live in. I do think if the army had its rotation structure right part f the force could be learning new skills whilst building and renovating their own… Read more »


yes but how can this be done? It means recruiting budgets are expanded slightly and it means more specialised recruiting from areas where people would be a good fit for elite service. And it also requires the willingness from the very top to increase the forces.


They are all good points and very worthy but here’s the conundrum. It is the same dilemma that the NHS has. You could repeat everything on your wish list and substitute NHS for Armed Forces. More and better equipment Capital spending on basing and bases Better pay and conditions Increased recruitment Do that and as the NHS shows, it becomes a bottomless money pit that you can never satisfy no matter how hard you try. Every item increases the cost exponentially, sometimes of the other elements such as – increased recruitment at a time you are increasing pay will increase,… Read more »


It seems almost a bit of a conundrum. Better get those trade deals going, welfare spending settled and covid handled.

Andy G

Those night sights seem to provide a handy bullseye target to any enemy sniper, right on each marines head.


Your talking about cylumes. They are for range safety on night shoots. They are supposed to be seen.