The Destroyer has docked in the Port of Odesa in Ukraine for Exercise Sea Breeze 2019.

HMS Duncan is participating in the exercise as part of the Standing NATO Maritime Group 2 and has received support on Sea Breeze 19 from their colleagues deployed on Operation Orbital – the UK’s training mission to Ukraine.

According to an MoD press release:

“Alongside forces from 18 other Allies and partners, the ship is contributing to the major multinational maritime training exercise featuring a combined 3,000 troops, 32 ships and 24 aircraft.

The UK also supports Ukraine in its institutional reforms of the defence and security sector, helping to drive more effective governance and will soon introduce a permanent Naval Attaché to the UK Defence Section in Kyiv to help build Ukrainian naval capability.”

Commander of the United Kingdom Carrier Strike Group (COMUKCSG) Commodore Michael Utley said:

“With a multitude of nations combining a wealth of maritime assets, Exercise Sea Breeze 2019 demonstrates the strength of solidarity between Ukraine and its international partners.

From crucial training exercises to long-term political reform – the UK is committed to standing by Ukraine, whilst Russia maintains its illegal annexation of Crimea.”

On Sunday, say the Royal Navy, HMS Duncan also hosted Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

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I wonder if they will try to dock in Mariupol


A NATO task force trying to enter the Sea of Azov would probably be just a tad too aggressive. Exercises in the Black Sea, where NATO members have borders, is justifiable. Entering what is basically Russian/Ukrainian private waters would be a massive escalation


going into the Sea of Azov would most likely run most self-respecting vessels aground. not to be advised!


I like Ukraine, it’s got and had some great millitary factory’s creating world class stuff.


Wonder how many Russian jets will do flybys this time good training for the crew.


Interesting that I have read sea breeze 19 referred to as an “American – Ukrainian” operation. Either poor editing on another website, or fair bit of trumpet blowing from the Americans.


I bet Putin has his panties in a twist about this. lol


It really annoys me how the British economy is far bigger than Russia’s and we are a far richer nation but Russia has far more ships, tanks, helicopters, jets, troops ect ect!!!!!!


But, They are all Shit.

Barry Larking

The U.S.S.R. could not, as the late great Paul Newman pointed out, organise its own agriculture. It collapsed due to appalling mismanagement of the Soviet non-economy. This new Federation cannot do any better it seems. The punters will want more and better – washing machines, televisions, cars and so forth, plus the occasional chance to win a tin of pineapple chunks in a raffle. What is eating Putin? No one wants to invade and Russia needs friends a bit more useful than Syria and Iran.


Basically Russia’s main source of income is oil and natural gas. Btw, they pay their workers far less and they have no such thing as workman’s comp and all the bottom feeder attorneys the West has that dive up the cost of basically everything.


Shows exactly where Putin’s priorities lie. Similarly with North Korea and China (though China’s economy is larger than UK’s). All autocratic/dictatorships.