Comments by a missile specialist on Chinese TV suggests that China has completed development of its advanced PL-10 short range air to air missile.

The PL-10 was first seen in 2013 being carried by a J-20 fifth-generation fighter (pictured above). It has also been seen on the wingtip pylon of a J-11 fighter aircraft.

The TV report featured an interview with the PL-10’s chief designer, Liang Xiaogeng and provided significant performance data about the new weapon before its unveiling at a major arms show. It was reported that the PL-10 weighs 89 kg, a length of 3m and a range of 20 km.

The designer also claimed that the PL-10 has “world class” capabilities that include a “multi-element imaging infrared seeker with anti-jamming capabilities” and indicated that it is capable of high off-boresight attacks and has super manoeuvrability. It is also expected to work with helmet mounted displays.

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David Carlin
6 years ago

It’s a rubber band

Christopher Ransley
6 years ago

probally a cheap knockoff like they always do tbh

Chris Harding
6 years ago

Didnt they claim their air dominance a few years ago?… using scenes from the movie top gun to represent ‘target drones’ being shot down by state of the art chinese missiles…