Michael Fallon has suggested that a Type 26 Frigate could possibly be based in Gibraltar.

The information comes from a debate regarding the Type 26 Frigate.

Bob Stewart (MP for Beckenham) asked:

“Is it possible for the MoD to consider positioning Gibraltar as a home port for at least one of the Type 26 offshore patrol vessels, where the facilities are superb for them and they are in a very good position to operate?”

Defence Secretary Michael Fallon replied:

“That is a suggestion I will certainly consider. Gibraltar is a key base for the Royal Navy. I think last week we had two, possibly three, ships from the Royal Navy calling in on Gibraltar, and Gibraltar of course retains its affiliation to the Crown despite the recent referendum.”

Type 45 Destroyer HMS Diamond conducted a ‘Sovereignty Patrol’ of Gibraltars waters last week and is now docked at the territory before deploying to counter arms and people trafficking.

According to BAE, the Type 26 will be a highly capable and versatile multi-mission warship designed to support anti-submarine warfare, air defence and general purpose operations anywhere on the world’s oceans.


  1. Seriously the MoD needs to make a bloody decision – find someone who can! The above is waffle, no Type 26/31 approved design let alone a commencement of build. Meanwhile OPV’s will continue to be built that offer no real enhancement to current OPV capability, the original Rivers sold off long before their time simply to placate political promises and cover indecision whilst wasting an astonishing amount of money in the process. Mean while the current frigates are well beyond their shelf life and the Type 45 destroyers under armed and suffering severe engine problems. You could not make this up! How about removing your only forward repair ship? Yes they have done that to. Mind boggling incompetence!

  2. We will have very few type 26 to waste on defending Gibraltar and the med. shorly it be better to pot a type 31 in the area instead.

  3. The biggest farce is the 2 carriers. Why do we need them. We have the largest carrier in the world…the UK. The carriers will take up at least 4 guard ships in the event of a conflict. And we dont have enough crew for both to be at sea at once. Gibraltar is an embarrassment. We have a few signals and royal navy personnel and moral in the Gibraltar regiment is very low and undermanned. The Spanish will just walk in one day and take it.

  4. Wouldn’t the smart move for the RN be to make Type 31 = Type 26 ‘lite’. Keep the hull length and strip out the Mk41 strike tubes, remove the MT30 in favour of all diesel propulsion. And maybe replace the RR mission bay gear with a cheaper River type crane and make room for some deck launched surface strike missiles and torpedo tubes. Keep Camm, the Mk45, 30mm, phalanx, decoys and helo. Drop Artisan for Scanter if you are still over budget. Such ships could be mid-life upgraded to additional ASW or even AWD ships. Don’t let exports drive the decision. BAe can offer a shortened version off their own bat kf they want.

  5. I think the problem is that our only shipbuilder is in a part of the country that is constantly agitating for independence. We need a straightforward politician to bite the bullet and order them from the Clyde or find somewhere in England to build them.


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