After a 30 day review, the Danish Parliament has approved the government’s recommendation to acquire 27 F-35’s. 

Denmark has become the 7th partner nation and 11th nation overall to buy the aircraft.

The Danish government and the Social Democrats, the Danish People’s Party, Liberal Alliance and the Social Liberal Party have agreed on the acquisition of new fighter aircraft to replace the current F-16 aircraft.

The Type Selection Evaluation report ranked the aircraft by various categories, shown below.

An executive summary of the Type Selection of Denmark’s New Fighter Aircraft can be found here.

Lockheed Martin said:

“Lockheed Martin is pleased that Denmark has reaffirmed its commitment to the program with the down select of the F-35 in this fair and open competition. Denmark is a longtime partner of Lockheed Martin and we are proud of our strong record of supporting its national security requirements. The F-35 will help ensure Denmark’s national security, and also positions danish industry to capture long-term work throughout the life of the program. We remain committed to assist the US Government and joint program office to support Denmark’s future fighter and other aircraft requirements.

Additionally, we will continue to work with danish industry on production throughout the life of the program. The projected industrial opportunities with the F-35 will bring long term economic benefits to Denmark for decades to come.”

This acquisition will replace Denmarks F-16AM/BMs.

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Len Cartwright

With the invasion of Ukraine, those responsible have helped sales of modern protective equipment, even if it is very expensive

Dan Olesen

Only one problem, 27 is far from enough when 5 of them have to stay in the US.

Adam Hicken

Can’t wait for War Is Boring’s reaction to this ?


Disappointed to see Typhoon coming last in nearly all categories