Doubt has been cast over claim North Korean nuclear device was Hydrogen bomb.

North Korean media claimed that it had successfully tested a hydrogen bomb, which was speculated to have existed the month before the test was carried out. The United States Geological Service reported a 5.1 magnitude earthquake from the location, the China Earthquake Networks Centre reported the magnitude as 4.9.

A newsreader on North Korean state TV said: “The republic’s first hydrogen bomb test has been successfully performed at 10:00 am on January 6, 2016.”

A Hydrogen weapon is a much more powerful atomic weapon than fission weapons such as those dropped on Hiroshima. A Hydrogen bomb derives its energy through the fusion of atoms.

Bruce Bennett, analyst with the Rand Corporation said:

“The bang they should have gotten would have been 10 times greater than what they’re claiming. So Kim Jong-un is either lying, saying they did a hydrogen test when they didn’t, they just used a little bit more efficient fission weapon – or the hydrogen part of the test really didn’t work very well or the fission part didn’t work very well.”

The data “doesn’t support suggestions that the bomb was a hydrogen bomb”, Chinese military expert Du Wenlong told state broadcaster CCTV.

Last month, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un said the country had developed a hydrogen bomb, most however were sceptical.

North Korea declared in 2009 that it had developed a nuclear weapon, and the country reportedly possesses a small stockpile of relatively simple nuclear weapons, this is believed to have been the fourth test.


  1. We’ll you know what even if it is. At the end of the day of they’ve done is achieve the right to say the nuked themselves. We’ll done dprk, at least we had the common sense to nuke an Australian Ireland.

    • The first British H-bomb test (May 1957) had below expectation yield, but the fourth (Nov 1957) was a full-yield shot, 1.8 Mt.

  2. Expect that it may be possible (like Russia station some nukes on Cuba in 60’s) that the USA station some missilles and warheads in countries nearby like in Japan and South Korea – ready and prime to strike back if somesay looney chops does press the button. Just saying to un-lawsuit myself from any lawyers out there…

  3. haha. not because you didn’t see it coming means it’s not there. Maybe Kim farted and caused the earthquake. lol. Wake up! These little countries aren’t going to be bullied whether we like it or not.

  4. Ullam teller design is so complex and confidential . it’s hard to believe that they done it. The yield measurement was 10 of KT. How can we assume it is the Thermonuclear weapons test


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