Atlantic Trident is aimed at enhancing interoperability through combined coalition aerial campaigns. The exercise will also feature F-15E Strike Eagles and T-38 Talons.

According to the US Air Force, ATLANTIC TRIDENT 17, hosted by the 1st Fighter Wing, focuses on operations in a highly contested operational environment through a variety of complex, simulated adversary scenarios. The goal of the exercise is to enhance interoperability through combined coalition aerial campaigns.

US Air Force Col. Peter Fesler, 1st Fighter Wing commander said:

“This exercise was designed to encourage the sharing and development of air combat TTPs [tactics, techniques and procedures] with our French and U.K. partners, against a range of potential threats leveraging U.S. Air Force fifth-generation capabilities.

This is not only an opportunity to share the capabilities of the aircraft, pilots and maintainers between our nations, but to build friendship, trust and confidence that will improve our interoperability as we go forward.”

US Air Force E-3 Sentry and KC-10 Extender aircraft will also provide support during the exercise.

Approximately 225 U.S. Air Force, 175 RAF and 150 FAF service members will participate in the exercise. While there will be more aircraft operating from Langley Air Force Base, operations will occur during daylight hours and the level of noise should be no different than normal.

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4 years ago

I’m absolutely certain there’ll be no competitive nature to the exercise at all.

Mr Bell
Mr Bell
4 years ago

F22 will come out top, then Rafale as upgraded with AESA radar. The F35 might beat the rafale at bvr.
Eurofighter will be least impressive as needs upgrading with the AESA system.
These 4 jets however represent the very best NATO has to offer. All 4 are high end and capable platforms. However NATO is starting to lose its qualitative edge vs Russia and China as they seem to be able to reverse engineer our technologies and ideas and bring something into service that is more crude, but effective for a fraction of the cost.